The second episode of Love Monkey is tonight. This show instantly jumped onto my list of can’t miss shows. Hopefully the sophomore effort doesn’t fall off much from the first. Scrubs continues the one two punch of comedy goofiness in the second hour of primetime. The replay of the first season of The Closer on […]

Everything but the first two hours of ABC programming and the comedies on UPN are new tonight. There is one new show to debut tonight on CBS, Courting Alex. That being the third name for this sitcom. Hopefully it will be a charm but sometimes that tends to be a sign of a bad show. […]

Can you feel the excitement of playoff football? Well probably not if you are in Indianapolis, Chicago, Boston or Washington D.C. this week. Everywhere else and especially here in the TVaholic’s hometown of Seattle it is about to reach a fever pitch. The local sport radio station, KJR AM 950, has already been on the […]