You can watch another Peanuts Christmas cartoon to get you in the Christmas spirit. Many of the shows tonight are new episodes. Not that Friday nights are anything to write home about TV wise. What will you be watching? Get some ideas below. Prime Picks I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown! (ABC): ReRun […]

There are plenty of new episodes tonight on the tube. A smorgasboard of good tasting TV treats. What will you be watching? Get some recommendations below. It is Holiday Cookie Baking Night on the Food Network. Guess what my Cable Choices are going to be. Prime Picks Smallville (WB): It is Lexmas in Smallville tonight […]

TVaholic Christmas Gift Idea

Do you know a TVaholic? Someone who watches and talks a lot about TV shows. If you do then maybe the gift of some TV shows on DVD would make a great gift. You probably know what there favorite shows are so this should be easy, right! Well you should first make sure that they […]

Lost is a repeat tonight. Get your J.J. Abrams fix later on with a new episode of Alias. The first hour of primetime on Wednesday’s leaves me wanting. What do you think about the Wednesday night lineup? Prime Picks That ‘70s Show (FOX): Fez and Jackie think Donna is spending too much time with the […]