fall schedule 2010

Over the past week ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX, and NBC all delivered their Fall 2010 Upfront presentations to advertisers. As apart of trying to get advertisers excited about spending some money with their network, they announced their Fall 2010 TV Schedules that includes some new shows and returning favorites in old and new places. [...]

I was on TV Talk with Shaun Daily yesterday with fellow TVtimesThree podcast partner Amrie of My Take on TV. We are on each Thursday at about 4:00 p.m. PT to talk about the week in TV. In the first hour of the show, Sarah Douglas, who played Ursa in Superman 2 and Pamela Lynch [...]

The CW announced their Fall 2010 TV schedule today. They have two new shows for fall, which are both hour-long dramas. NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS have already announced. Take a look at The CW’s offerings. Bold Italic below denotes new shows. Will have more when show descriptions and any video clips become available. Updated [...]

CBS announced their Fall 2010 TV schedule along with one new show coming at midseason today. They have five new shows for fall. These include three hour-long dramas and two half-hour comedies. NBC, FOX, and ABC have already announced and The CW announces tomorrow. Take a look at CBS’s offerings. Bold Italic below denotes new [...]

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