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Jason the TVaholic after being SimpsonizedHi! My name is Jason and I’m a TVaholic. Well, the TVaholic actually.

I have been watching TV since I can remember. Some of my favorite shows of the past are Moonlighting, Friends, Seinfeld, Night Court, Alias, Veronica Mars and many others. Some of my favorite shows of the now are Dexter, The Office, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, Smallville, Scrubs, The Riches, Eureka, Psych, 30 Rock, Chuck, Pushing Daisies and many others.

I have been told through out my life by a lot of people, parents, friends and others, that I watch too much TV. What is too much? There always seems to be something good on and now with the continuing expansion of cable it is even truer. If watching something, while recording something on my dual-tuner Comcast DVR box, while recording two more shows on my computer with my SnapStream Beyond TV 4 DVR setup makes me a TVaholic, then I am guilty as charged. They say the first step is admitting that you have a … sorry what was I typing, the show I was watching just came back on.

I do enjoy watching a good TV show. I have probably enjoyed watching a few bad TV shows too. The worst thing about being a TVaholic is when you start enjoying a show and the network snatches it away from you. Can you say Firefly, John Doe, Joan of Arcadia, Eyes, Tru Calling, Surface and Invasion and those are just the ones that lasted two seasons or less in recent years.

I have a well of what I call useless knowledge floating about in my head. These little tidbits and factoids come up in conversation all the time. People look at me with an inquisitive gaze on their faces. Like why do you know that? Or, what are you talking about? These things aren’t always completely relevant to the subject at hand but are things I find humorous or interesting in a tangential way. The brain makes some fascinating connections. Fascinating to me anyways. In these situations I usually make some comment like, if there was Useless Knowledge Jeopardy I would be champion. A lot of this information comes from or is about TV.

So, what does one do with all this so-called useless knowledge? They start their own blog and put it to good use. At least that is what I have done or am trying to do. I started this blog about TV on August 28th, 2005, so I can express these ramblings, musing and thoughts as they come to me. Also, as a place where other TVaholics can come and express their thoughts on TV as well.

I hope you find this site to be as amusing and useful as I find it fun and enjoyable to write and create.

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