Tonight on the Tube: Get Arrested Development, go to Prison, Break out and head for CSI: Miami

No more new shows to debut or old show to return as of tonight the Monday primetime line up for each network is in full swing.

Prime Picks

Arrested Development (Fox): I really just started watching this show last week because it used to be on Sunday night. It actually is one of the best comedies on TV right now and almost no one is watching. The TVaholic will be tuning into tonight, will you?
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Of the three new Monday night comedies this seems to be the one with the most long-term potential. It was very funny and had the best surprise ending any show has had in a while.

Prison Break (Fox): This show continues to hold my attention. The elaborate plan seems to be back on track with the Warden coming to a last second bit of conscience. What will go wrong now? And who is the woman on the phone? These and many more questions I want answers to.

CSI: Miami (CBS): More stuff blows up or gets shot up or both in this version of CSI. Tonight it is a boat that catches fire and later starts sinking. Don’t worry Horatio and the team our on the case.

Solid Selections

The King of Queens (CBS): Tonight Carrie and Doug go to marriage counseling and look to one of their neighbor, but he makes things worse.
Kitchen Confidential (Fox): Hopefully this week’s episode will actually be funny, last week not so much but I still liked it for some reason.

Las Vegas (NBC): This show is pure escapism and on tonight’s episode Ed tries figure out who is behind the counterfeit chips. While Danny at the behest of his accountant looks into selling his father’s house and is referred to an attractive real estate agent.

Medium (NBC): Well she is dreaming again so things should get back to creepy normal again.

Other Options

Surface (NBC): Of the three alien invasion shows to debut this season this one finishes in third place but if you are not watching football or looking for a laugh then what else are you going to watch?

Two and a Half Men (CBS): The dynamic between Sheen and Cryer make this show worth watching. This show is also consistently funny.
Out of Practice (CBS): The premise this show is built on while funny in the first episode, I believe will not last very long before it wears really thin.

I would just watch the early edition of the nightly local news broadcast. Not much else in the third hour.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): It is a Harvest Windfall tonight when Emeril cooks up some foods inspired by the autumn season.

WWE Monday Night Raw (Spike): Get your head smashing, chair throwing, loud screaming rants fill with two hours of big time wrestling tonight.


Each section above has the best idea for each hour of primetime. If you are looking for the best show idea for the second hour of primetime then according to the Prime Picks above that would be Prison Break. The second best selection for each hour is found in the Solid Selections. Other Options are usually the best opposite option from the Prime Picks. In this case since Prison Break is a drama the best comedy option in the second hour is highlighted here, namely Two and a Half Men.

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