October 2005

Surface Invasion Storyline

Each TV season there seems to be a bunch of shows that are similar. A lot of times they are just pale knockoffs of some hit show from the previous season. This year they are not imitations of past shows really, they are new. In a sort of hasn’t been done recently type of way. [...]

It is Medium Madness on NBC along with repeats pretty much everywhere else except Fox and The WB tonight. Don’t worry Surface fans a new episode will be back next week. What TV shows interests you tonight? Prime Picks The King of Queens (CBS): Tonight in this repeat episode we find Carrie trying to convince [...]

Repeats and commercially interrupted movies are on tap tonight. Here are some ideas for your viewing pleasure. This is a good night for watching shows that you recorded earlier in the week that you haven’t got around to seeing yet. Saturday night TV is a good reason to record a few shows during the week [...]

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