Review: Inconceivable

Show: Inconceivable
Episode: Series Premiere
Originally Aired: Friday, September 23rd 2005
Rating: 1 out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: The goings on at a fertility clinic.

Long Synopsis: The stories of the doctors, nurses and staff of a fertility clinic and the people they try to help conceive. In the first episode we have a surrogate mother for a white couple giving birth to a black child, a nurse dumped by the head doctor taking his sperm and switching it with a client who happens to be a minister, along with many other weird happenings.

Review: It obviously wasn’t, inconceivable that is, cause someone thought it up. The question is what were they thinking? While a show about couples trying to have babies and the doctors who help them is a good premise for a drama and many interesting and compelling stories could be told, this show took a different route. They mix some of this with a lot of soap opera type activities. Most of which are neither funny nor dramatic. They are way over the top and in most cases predictable.

The show also has way to many main characters and side characters and weekly guests. If each episode is like the first, it has too much going on with too many storylines to follow.

Another problem with the show is the way it is filmed and edited together. All of the stories are told in short little clips and vignettes, jumping from one to another at a quick pace. The scene changes every minute or two and takes you to the next little bit of another story being told. It makes an already poor story even harder to watch and follow.

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