Tonight on the Tube: Freddie gets Lost in an Invasion

Tonight goes from not much in the first hour of primetime to plenty to choose from in the second hour. What will you be watching tonight and why?

Prime Picks

George Lopez (ABC): This gets the nod tonight because following George is the series premiere of Freddie.
Freddie (ABC): This gets the nod tonight because it is new and besides look at the competition in the first hour of primetime not much to write home about or here for that matter.

Lost (ABC): Tonight Hurley is given a task regarding the hatch he has trouble with. Sawyer, Michael and Jin get to know whom their captors are. Claire finds out some astonishing news about what happened to the raft.

Invasion (ABC): Tonight the Sheriff might finally get the quarantine for the area that he has been wanting when some escaped lab animals are found which could be responsible for a deadly flu virus that is spreading.

Solid Selections

One Tree Hill (WB): Tonight in Tree Hill Brooke wants to through an end of the summer beach bash, but finds that no one else is in the mood for a party.

Veronica Mars (UPN): Beaver wants to hire Veronica to find out if his stepmother is cheating on his father. We all know she is and who with.

CSI: NY (CBS): Tonight tiger kills man and the CSI crew finds that it wasn’t an accident.

Other Options

E-Ring (NBC): This show is actually pretty bad but as I stated earlier there isn’t much to choose from in the first hour of primetime tonight.

Related (WB): I liked this show despite its predictability in the first episode but am not sure it can last with the competition in the second hour primetime as Lost, Veronica Mars, Criminal Minds and The Apprentice: Martha Stewart are all on at the same time.

Law & Order (NBC): The Detectives investigate another case ripped from the headlines.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Emeril cooks up something tasty with ingredients fresh from the garden.

MythBusters (Discovery Channel): Adam and Jaime visit some of their favorite myths from past episodes.

Good Eats (Food Network): Alton tells you the waffle truth in this episode.
Good Eats (Food Network): In this repeat Alton tells you how to make perfect pancakes.


Both Game 2 of the Angels and White Sox and Game 1 of the Astros and Cardinals are on Fox tonight. Check your local listing for which one is on in your area.

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