How ABC Has Faired So Far This Season: Fall 2005

So what type of year has it been for ABC, let us take a day-by-day look at what they have offered up so far this season.

Sunday: By far this networks best night from start to finish. Desperate Housewives has been a little uneven in its second season. No big mystery that you care about to keep you coming back like last season. Grey’s Anatomy, which started as a short run midseason replacement at the end of last season, has taken that and turned into one of the best shows on TV right now.

Monday: Monday Night Football had one of its best ratings performances in years. I don’t know if the games were better or because it was the final season on network TV but it sure did well.

Tuesday: New show Commander in Chief is off to a great start. Well ratings wise anyway. Boston Legal has gone wacky to the extreme but is still fun to watch.

Wednesday: The new sitcom Freddie has been picked up for the season for some unknown reason. This show is just not funny. No sophomore slump for Lost, this show has picked up right where it left off. Keeping you guessing and glued to your TV screen. The other new show on this night Invasion is pretty good in my opinion. Once they finally started giving the audience a little info to work with it only got me more intrigued about what is going on in this little town.

Thurday: Not a good night for ABC. Alias with the death of Vaughn and the move to this night have gone downhill ratings wise. I still find the show fun to watch and the new characters interesting. The new show The Night Stalker tanked in the ratings, as it should have given the competition at this hour and the fact that it just wasn’t that good.

Friday: The night has wasted away on ABC. Remember TGIF and a block of comedies for the family. Now the low rated Supernanny and Hope & Faith. The newcomer on this night Hot Properties was unbelievably cold. A beautiful cast with nothing funny to say, not the worst show this season but close. Which is why it was canceled.

Saturday: Movies of the week and repeats of their hit shows. This is not a good night for any network.

Overall: Five new shows and two of them canceled. All in all a good season so far for ABC, mostly living off of last years hits Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy.

Things to look out for in 2006 on ABC: The new comedy Emily’s Reasons Why Not, the return of Less Than Perfect and the new drama What About Brian. At first glance these are shows I will be interested in checking out as the Winter TV season begins.

What do you think about ABC so far this TV season? Leave your thoughts in comments.

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