Tonight on the Tube: The Book of Daniel and Sci-Fi Friday

Tonight is the return of Sci-Fi Friday on the Sci Fi Channel with all new episodes. There are a lot of viewing options to keep a TVaholic glued to the tube tonight. If you are a Firefly fan see the cable note below for some marathon info. What will you be watching tonight? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Prime Picks

Most Outrageous Moments (NBC): See outtakes from show like Las Vegas and Will & Grace among others. Outrageous is probably a bit of an overstatement but who doesn’t like bloopers and such.
Most Outrageous Moments (NBC): More outtakes from Las Vegas, Today, a wedding and some commercials.

The Book of Daniel (NBC): Tonight is the two-hour premiere. The life of a minister with a wife who drinks, a gay son and a pot-dealing daughter. All that and he pops pills and he sees and talks to Jesus. The controversial buzz is flying about. Christian groups wanting it taken off the air, some stations already announcing that they will not be airing it and more. All this does is what it always does. That is getting more people to watch it than would have if there were no controversy. People will want to see what all the fuss is about. If the show isn’t any good it won’t be on long anyway. I will be watching for partially that reason myself.

Solid Selections

Ghost Whisperer (CBS): Don’t really like this show but not much else on.

Close to Home (CBS): A doctor accuses a teen of killing his wife. He is respected the kid is a delinquent. Who would you believe? Don’t worry Annabeth will get to the bottom of it.

NUMB3RS (CBS): This is actually my favorite show as of now on Friday nights. It will get the TiVo treatment tonight while I check out the new shows debuting tonight.

Other Options

Dancing With the Stars (ABC): If you watched it last night, you might as well watch tonight to see who didn’t make the cut.
Hope & Faith (ABC): If you watch the Dancing With the Stars results show you might as well stick around for this.

In Justice (ABC): Pilot episode for this show. Could be serious competition for Close to Home as it is on at the same time. The DVR comes to the rescue for this show as well tonight. Can’t remember the last time the recorder was getting such a workout on a Friday night.

20/20 (ABC): ABC News investigative reports. If drama isn’t your bag then maybe this will tide you over until your local news starts.

Cable Choices

Stargate SG-1 (Sci Fi Channel): The return of Sci-Fi Friday starts with the team trying to find an antidote to the plague that was unleashed by Ori.

Stargate Atlantis (Sci Fi Channel): McKay makes a rescue attempt as people are being held on a Wraith hive ship.

Battlestar Galactica (Sci Fi Channel): Galactica and Pegasus try to join forces to in an attempt to take out a Cylon target.

Cable Notes

The tripleheader of sci-fi favorites noted in the Cable Choices above are repeated after Battlestar Galactica ends. Also you might want to know that there will be a Firefly marathon leading up to the new episodes of the Stargates and Battlestar. Twelve hours of Firefly for your viewing pleasure. That is just more sci-fi goodness than should be allowed on one channel in one day.

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