American Idol: Splendid Six Still Standing on Season Five

Season Five of American Idol has been a heck of a rollercoaster ride. No one is safe, no matter how good you perform each week; you can end up in the bottom three. I had thought Elliott, Kellie and Ace would end up down there with Ace most likely going home.

Well Ace “False” Young was sent packing but the other two in the bottom three were kind of a shock. Paris maybe but Chris made his first trip to the bottom three. That was the shock of the night and should make him weary if the theme of the night doesn’t present a chance for him to rock.

While this is a singing competition last night’s results should show everyone that personality and likeability and in Kellie’s case a little humility, “I butchered it,” can go along way to keeping you around.

With six left, the updated TVaholic rankings of who has the best chance to become the Season Five American Idol:

  1. Chris Daughtry – Remains at number one after continuing to perform well. One week in the bottom three is not enough to move him down. Two weeks in a row would surely do it though.
  2. Katharine McPhee – Holding steady at #2. Yet again had my favorite performance of the night. Another strong performance by her without a trip to the bottom three will get her to the top spot.
  3. Kellie Pickler – Stays at #3. While personality and likeability can keep you in the competition you have to sing well to win. Can’t butcher any more songs. Another week like this and she will be on her way out.
  4. Taylor Hicks – Up one spot. When he lets go is when he is at his best. Well visually it is not the greatest but he really sounds good when he does.
  5. Paris Bennett – Drops one position from last week. “Minnie Mouse” sure has the vocals to win but her personality seems to be divisive. This was not her first trip to the bottom three and she is yet to have had a bottom three worthy performance.
  6. Elliott Yamin – Remains in the same spot but with Ace gone it is the bottom of the list. He has the best vocals of the remaining guys in the competition. He just doesn’t seem to connect personality wise with the viewing audience. He would have to finish out of the bottom three again to move up in the rankings.

That is how TVaholic sees it. How do you see it? Who do you think has the best chance of becoming the American Idol this season?

The theme of American Idol next week will be classic love songs and Andrea Bocelli will help out the six finalists. Who do you think will have the most trouble with next week’s theme? Who do you think will do well? Let us know in the comments.

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