TV Shows New on DVD: Bizarre, Inspector Gadget, Reba & More

Every Tuesday a new assortment of TV shows come out on DVD. This week we go-go gadget volume one, not to mention things get a little bizarre and some bad guys are tried by jury. Do any of the TV shows released today on DVD interest you? Check out this week’s Prime Picks for your viewing pleasure.

Prime TV Show DVD Picks

The Best Of Bizarre Vol.3
The Best Of Bizarre Vol.4
John Byner hosted this sketch comedy show that aired on CTV and Showtime back in the 80s. I must have watched it on Showtime. The main thing I remember from the show is Super Dave Osborne. Always trying his latest stunt to no avail. The sketches were some of the most outrageous spoofs you will ever see. Nothing and no one was immune. It was like a live action TV Funhouse from Saturday Night Live. The way they poked fun at race, religion, celebrities and the like. You would be watching it and not believing that they just did that. If you like sketch comedy that is actually funny then check out The Best of Bizarre. Each volume has 10 episodes from the show, uncut and uncensored, on one disc picked by the shows producers Allan Blye and Bob Einstein.

Inspector Gadget: The Original SeriesInspector Gadget: The Original Series
This was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. It was a cross between Mission Impossible and James Bond except Inspector Gadget was a cross between Maxwell Smart and Inspector Clouseau. He bumbled his way through each investigation given to him by Chief Quimby. If it were not for his niece Penny and her trusty dog Brain, he would have never solved the caper and foiled another M.A.D. plot by Dr. Claw. The best part of the show was all the built in gadgets that never seemed to work, as he wanted. Rollerskate shoes, helicopter out of his hat, extendo legs and arms and don’t forget the Gadget Mobile. Q and the Aston Martin had nothing on this vehicle. The DVD set has 22 episodes on four discs that includes a featurette retrospective.

Other TV Show DVD Options

American Dad, Vol. 1
The Avengers ’62 – Complete Set
Battlestar Galactica: Season 2.0
Jacques Cousteau – River Explorations
The Last Detective – Series 1
Law and Order: Trial by Jury – The Complete Series
Mutual of Omaha’s: Wild Kingdom Australia’s Awesome Animals
Mutual of Omaha’s: Wild Kingdom Mammals of North America
Odyssey 5 – The Complete Series
Reba – Season 3
The Rifleman Box Set Collection 5
Tommy Lee Goes to College
A Touch of Frost Season 9 and 10
The Waltons – The Complete Third Season

What will you be adding to your TV shows on DVD collection?

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