Prime 7: Shows That Should Be Saved

The TV season is coming to an end in the next few weeks. The networks will soon be announcing their schedules for next season. Many shows are on the bubble as far as coming back for another year. So, what shows should be given another year and hopefully many more? Here is the TVaholic wish list.

Seven Shows That Deserve Another Season

  1. Veronica Mars – The ratings may not totally be there but this is by far the best show on UPN and one of the best on TV. With the merger of UPN and The WB there has been talk about whether this show would make the new combined lineup. The show has engaging characters, great writing and an overarching mystery that keeps you coming back each week. Yet each episode can also be enjoyed individually.
  2. Scrubs – This is another show that I can’t believe could be on the bubble. It is one of the best comedies on TV right now. Each episode is a hilariously wacky morality tale. There is a lesson to be learned by one or more of the characters and you the viewer for each episode.
  3. Everwood – This is one of the best dramas on TV. The characters are well written and the acting is outstanding. This is another that might not make The CW lineup. If you like drama you should definitely be watching this show.
  4. Invasion – It was one of the three sci-fi shows to hit the networks this season. It was not a favorite of most early on because of the slow pace. They kind of follow the Lost formula with a creepy situation and just enough revelations to keep you coming back for more. The revelations were almost too slow coming as it took about eight episodes before you felt like you knew something. Once that happened the show became very engaging.
  5. Surface – This show had a 15 episode run and left us with the heroes left surrounded by water in a church bell tower. This can’t be the way it ends. I want to see more. Why were these creatures created? Who is behind all of this?
  6. Out of Practice – This is a true sitcom in the classic style. The comedy is based off of the situation more than any other show. While not as good it reminds me of classic sitcoms like I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke Show. One or two characters know something that the others don’t and misunderstanding follow. They do a really good job of this and were starting to get better as the season went on. If The King of Queens is not renewed this would be a good re-addition to the CBS Monday night comedy lineup.
  7. Related – This show was more than just a beautiful cast. It was a fast paced family dramedy with snappy dialogue, good acting and interesting characters. Yet once again The CW will probably not have room in their combined schedule.

What shows do you hope will make it to next season? Leave your own list in the comments.

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