New TV on DVD: The 4400, Boston Legal, The Closer & More

This Tuesday has a lot to offer those that like their TV on DVD. New this week we get to continue the investigation into the return of The 4400, watch Denny shoot and Alan talk their way around Boston and see how it is really done in the interrogation room with The Closer. What TV on DVD shows released today will you be adding to your collection? Check out this week’s Prime Picks for your viewing pleasure.

Prime TV on DVD Picks

The 4400 - The Complete Second SeasonThe 4400 – The Complete Second Season
Season One of The 4400 was a five part miniseries that was so engrossing and well done they decide to continue the show. The second season picks up the story six months later. The third season starts Sunday, June 11th on USA Network. The summer used to be completely void of good TV but with shows like this the landscape has changed a bit. They have taken a little idea and created an outstanding show in the science fiction genre. It does lend itself to the freak of the week type of storytelling but each one gets you closer to knowing why they were taken and then sent back. The DVD set includes all 12 season two episode on four discs. Special features include three behind the scenes featurettes and episode commentaries. Take this opportunity to get caught up before the new season begins.

Boston Legal - Season 1Boston Legal – Season 1
This outrageous spin off from The Practice is one of the best dramedy shows on TV. The law focus has changed from criminal to civil but the antics of the attorneys at Crane, Poole & Schmidt haven’t. The politics of the show may be off putting to some and increasingly in your face but the characters, situations and dialogue more than makeup for it. While the practice was serious in tone, Boston Legal is 180 degrees its opposite. The show falls somewhere close to the theater of the absurd and is one of the most self-aware shows in that respect. It really has more in common with David E Kelley’s Ally McBeal than the show it spawned from. The DVD set includes all 17 first season episodes on 5 discs. Special features include two behind the scenes featurettes and deleted scenes from the pilot. “Denny Crane!”

The Closer - The Complete First SeasonThe Closer – The Complete First Season
This was one of the best new shows last year, which returns for a second season Monday, June 12th. This summer series from TNT stars Kyra Sedgwick as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. She is a tough no nonsense CIA-trained interrogator and detective from the south who has been brought in to head up the Priority Murder Squad. This unit handles the sensitive and high profile case that fall under LAPD jurisdiction. This doesn’t set well with others in the department or many of the cops now under her command. Includes all 13 first season episodes on four discs and includes deleted scenes. If you like quirky characters and great police procedurals with actual character development then get your hands on this TV on DVD set, “Thank You!”

Other TV on DVD Options

Animated All Stars, Vol. 1
Brian Jacques’ Mattimeo – A Tale of Redwall: Season Two
Brilliant But Cancelled – Crime Dramas (Delvecchio/ Gideon Oliver/ Johnny Staccato/ Touching Evil)
Brilliant But Cancelled – EZ Streets
Deadwood – The Complete Second Season
Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan – The Complete First Season
The Fairly OddParents – Fairy Idol
Jim Henson’s the Storyteller – The Definitive Collection
King Tut – The Face of Tutankhamun
Little Britain – The Complete Second Series
M*A*S*H – Season Ten (Collector’s Edition)
Samurai Jack – Season 3
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Cheri Oteri
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Commercial Parodies
Wings – The Complete First and Second Seasons
The World of Sid & Marty Krofft – The Bugaloos Complete Series
X-Men Evolution – The Complete Third Season

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