American Idol: Who Will Win on Season 5

The answer after last night’s final season five American Idol performances is most likely Taylor Hicks. Not because he was all that much better than Kat overall, he just ended better. Winning the coin flip and opting to go second was a great choice, especially when your performance comes off better.

They each started off by singing two songs from past performances and then finished with what their new single will be if they were to win. This is where things got a little bit bad as Randy put it the song Katharine had to sing was just “average.” It was a slow and meandering song that didn’t capture your attention like Taylor’s song did. Was it the song? Was it the singer? A little of each? Taylor’s song had an upbeat tempo and was a bit more fun. Up-tempo and fun beats slow and meandering every time.

How did the performances last night on American Idol rank:

  1. Taylor Hicks – For his first song he sang, “Living for the City” and came off a bit better than Kat. For his second song he sang, “Levon” and didn’t sound as good as when he sang it previously. His final song was “Do I Make You Proud” and will be his first single should he win tonight. Simon put him ahead after song one and tied after song two. It was definitely down to the final songs and Simon thought his performance good enough to break the tie. I think he was right.
  2. Katharine McPhee – I personally would prefer to see and hear her than Taylor Hicks but I don’t think she is going to win. While the sentiment of her final song “My Destiny” was nice and she sounded great it just wasn’t good enough. Her first song was “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” and was not as good as her previous performance. Her second was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.,” which I thought was better than when she sang it last week. Yet I had them tied going into the final songs and Taylor had a better song to sing. If she had done better with her first song it might have been enough to make up for the last one.

I think that the Soul Patrol puts an end to McPheever as far as American Idol goes. Yet each I am sure will do fine no matter what happens and yet again this season we’ve seen anything can. Who did you vote for? Why? Who do you think is going to win?

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