Tonight on the Tube: Blue Collar MythBusters Hustle at Lightspeed

Hustle - Complete Season OneThe blue collar guys take on sinning on The WB while on NBC they are still trying to see if America’s Got Talent. Killer Whirlpools are investigated by the MythBusters on Discovery Channel while the gang in Britain cons a bad newspaperman in Hustle over on AMC. Still don’t understand why a British TV show is on the American Movie Classics channel. It is neither American nor a movie and since it is new that makes it hard to be one of the classics. It fails on all three fronts. It ranks right up there with ECW professional wrestling on the Sci Fi Channel. At least it meets half the criteria, as it is fiction just not of the science variety. What other shows don’t make since on the channel they are being shown?

Prime Picks

Blue Collar TV (WB): New. The topic of the day is “Sinning.”
Blue Collar TV (WB): Repeat. The topic of “Aging” is covered.

Criminal Minds (CBS): Repeat. The team investigates a possible serial killer after a police officer is taken captive.

CSI: NY (CBS): Repeat. A little back-story regarding Danny and who he grew up with when a tip leads to a buried body in the end zone at the football stadium in New Jersey.

Solid Selections

America’s Got Talent (NBC): New. Two hours of performers trying to get to the finals.

Law & Order (NBC): Repeat. A shooting at a diner puts the detectives on the trail of a gunman out for revenge after his baby sitter dies of AIDS.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Repeat. Emeril helps you get stuffed with food that is stuffed.

MythBusters (Discovery Channel): New. The gang takes on myths regarding whirlpools and snowplows.

Hustle (AMC): New. The amoral editor of a newspaper is the mark after he prints an article to Stacie’s dislike about a friend of hers. Runs 75 minutes.

Other Options

  • Blade: The Series (Spike): New. Boone is still on his killing spree. Plays twice.
  • Nightmares & Dreamscapes (TNT): New. Two more episodes based on the stories of Stephen King.
  • Professional Poker Tour (Travel Channel): New. The 4th Quarter from Foxwoods is played. Runs two hours.
  • Stan Lee’s Lightspeed (Sci Fi): Released 2006. The creator of Spider-Man brings you this story about a government agent who after an accident has the ability to run at light speed. Runs two hours.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has Wednesday Night Baseball with the New York Yankees at the Texas Rangers.
  • ESPN2 has Wednesday Night Fights.

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