Tonight on the Tube: Law & Order: CI, SVU, Emeril, Dirt and the Orange Bowl

Prime Time Emeril: More TV Dinners from America's Favorite ChefWell the New Year is upon us and new shows will be back all over soon as well. Tonight there are a couple of new episodes of Law & Order: CI and SVU and a new show premiering as well with Dirt on FX. Of course for the college football fans out there FOX has the FedEx Orange Bowl. I am sure glad I watched the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, the only Bowl Game and Sponsor that actually match up well, last night as it was probably the best football game I have ever seen. The emotional rollercoaster the fans of these two teams were put on in the second half and OT was amazing. Just when you thought one team had the game in hand the other team did great to turn things around. Boise State sure emptied the playbook in the last minute of the game and the overtime and when faced with the prospect of another tie or going for the win with a two-point conversion, opted to go for it. It was the best fake I have ever seen a quarterback make while handing the ball off to the running back that ran for and crossed the goal line. The Boise State Broncos came to play and showed everybody that they belong with the big boys of college football. Did you see the game last night? What did you think of how it ended?

Prime Picks

NCIS (CBS): Repeat. A train with a shipment of nuclear weapons is in transit and the woman who knows the route seems to have been abducted. The team investigates.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC): New. During and ethnic dispute a Pakistani woman is killed and Logan and Wheeler investigate.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC): New. Brian Dennehy guests as a man who makes a confession on his deathbed that involve crimes from quite sometime ago.

Solid Selections

Gilmore Girls (The CW): Repeat. Stars Hollow is dealing with a foul odor while Christopher joins Lorelai at her parents for Friday dinner.

Big Day (ABC): New. More things go awry in two new episodes tonight.

Boston Legal (ABC): Repeat. Tom Selleck guests as a man who wants his postnuptial agreement with his present wife thrown out because he has a thing for Shirley.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): New. Emeril whips up some healthy dishes to help you with that New Year’s Resolution to lose weight.

Eureka (Sci Fi): Repeat. The “Purple Haze” episode replays where the Sheriff must figure out why everyone is acting crazy.

Dirt (FX): Series Premiere. Courtney Cox (Friends) plays the editor of a tabloid magazine named Lucy Spiller who will stop at nothing to find the juiciest gossip about the rich and famous she can get her hands on. Runs a commercial free 62 minutes thanks to sponsor Pontiac and plays twice.

Other Options

  • The Closer (TNT): Repeat. This was a great episode. Provenza finds a body in his garage while on the way to a Dodgers game so he and Flynn decide to leave it and find it again later only when they get back the body is no longer there.
  • Veronica Mars (The CW): Repeat. Veronica looking for some peace and quiet heads to Wallace and Piz’s room while they are out and is begged by Logan to help out his friend who has been picked up on rape charges.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has Indiana at Ohio State in college basketball action.
  • ESPN2 has Temple at Duke in college basketball action.
  • FOX has the FedEx Orange Bowl with Louisville vs. Wake Forest.
  • NBA TV has the San Antonio Spurs at the Cleveland Cavaliers.

TV Marathon

TV Land continues with its M*A*S*H marathon tonight, which began on New Year’s Day. They will be playing 12 hours of episodes each night until January 7th. Then it will settle into its regular timeslot on the network starting on the 8th.

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