Tonight on the Tube: The Office, The O.C., Scrubs, CSI, Shark and NBA Basketball

Get The O.C. Mix 6: Covering Our Tracks at AmazonThe word has come down and FOX has cancelled The O.C. It will at least get a chance for a proper send off, which will be Thursday, February 22nd. Just when many thought the show had made a turn for the better but up against Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, Supernatural and Scrubs not enough people were actually watching the show. As long as Seth was cracking wise I would have probably continued to watch. How about you? What do you think of the cancellation of The O.C.?

Prime Picks

My Name Is Earl (NBC): New. Earl and the gang were once filmed for an episode of Cops and they relive the day tonight.
The Office (NBC): New. Michael is back from his vacation in Jamaica and a racy photo from his trip starts making the rounds.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): New. Grissom heads off for a sabbatical but it only lasts four weeks so he will be back soon. Catherine meanwhile tries to connect an out of town murder to a recently released suspect.

Shark (CBS): New. Some one is going to die. Well that is what the promos are pushing. Who do you think it will be?

Solid Selections

Ugly Betty (ABC): New. The magazines closets are about to be cleaned out and all the assistants are buzzing about what they might get.

Scrubs (NBC): New. Dr. Cox goes all House on a bunch of medical mysteries while J.D. tries to keep Kim in town by being the best boyfriend he could possibly be.
30 Rock (NBC) New. While writing a show about babies Liz begins to think about her marital and maternal future while Jack is dealing with mommy issues of his own.

ER (NBC): New. A patient is prescribed the wrong medication and dies and Hope and Pratt wonder if they are responsible for this.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Repeat. Emeril bakes up some tasty bread.

American Chopper (TLC): Repeats. The “Eragon Bike 1 and 2” episodes replay on the shows new cable channel.

Other Options

  • Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): Repeats. The last two episodes of the first part of the season replay to get you ready for the shows return with new episodes next week.
  • Friends (TBS): Repeats. Four episodes play tonight that involve Chandler and Monica’s wedding and the episodes that followed about Rachael being pregnant.
  • The O.C. (FOX): New. Kaitlin fails at school and must work with Will to make up for it. Seth and Summer continue moving ahead while Julie lets Kirsten in on who Frank really is. There will be new episode every Thursday beginning tonight until February 22nd. That is when the show will have its series finale. Welcome to the Old Cancellation, Bitch!

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has a college basketball doubleheader with Pittsburgh at Syracuse followed by Cincinnati at Memphis.
  • ESPN2 has Michigan State at Iowa in college basketball action.
  • TNT has an NBA doubleheader with the Detroit Pistons at the New Orleans Hornets followed by the Los Angeles Lakers at the Sacramento Kings.

TV Marathon

TV Land continues with its M*A*S*H marathon tonight, which began on New Year’s Day. They will be playing 12 hours of episodes each night until January 7th. Then it will settle into its regular timeslot on the network starting on the 8th.

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