7 Best Super Bowl XLI Commercials 2007

This year didn’t seem to be a very good year for Super Bowl commercials, at least for memorable or funny ones. The ads you will be talking about over break time at work tomorrow. It was hard for TVaholic to come up with seven for this list.

7 Best Super Bowl XLI Commercials 2007

  1. Bud Light: Reception – This ad played in the first quarter and made me laugh, twice. The Bud Light people always seem to come up with at least one good ad each year. Of the four they had, this was there best and I think the best overall. An auctioneer doing a wedding is pretty funny.
  2. Sprint Broadband: Connectile Dysfunction – This ad played in the second quarter and made me laugh. It still brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. It was a very good spoof of ads for erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra. Get Sprint’s Wireless Broadband and you won’t have to worry about connectile dysfunction anymore because the other guys product doesn’t work in as many cities. Very well done.
  3. Doritos: Smooth? – This ad played in the first quarter and made me chuckle and then laugh. A guy eating Doritos while driving is attracted to the beautiful woman walking down the street eating Doritos. Words that describe the chips and the situation popup on screen like “crunchy” when the dude crashes his car. As the woman boldly goes to see if he is all right she slips and whacks her head on his car. Why a person falling is funny, I don’t know, but it is.
  4. Sierra Mist: Combover – This ad played in the first quarter and made me smile and then chuckle. The guy had a combover. Not just any combover though, a beard combover. The site of which was very amusing, not to mention his choice of wardrobe.
  5. FedEx Shipping: Ground – This ad played in the third quarter and made me smile a few times. Based on the idea that you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a service’s speed by its name. In this case, Ground. It sounds slow. But as we find out from the hairy Harry, the joyful Joy and the bobbing head Bob, among others, it isn’t the case. At least that is what they want you to believe.
  6. E-Trade: Things You Can Do With One Finger – This ad played in the fourth quarter and made me smile. It portrays things that can be done with one finger, the index finger in most of the examples except the last one, which isn’t shown. You have to picture it for yourself as the announcer tells you that just one finger can be used to, “tell your expensive broker where to go.”
  7. Budweiser: Rock, Paper, Scissor – This ad played in the first quarter and while clever didn’t really do it for me, but I needed a seventh commercial for my list. I would hate to see how the guy would have won had he chosen the scissors instead of the rock.

To make this list, the Super Bowl commercial had to do two things. It had to be funny and it had to be memorable for more than making me laugh. After all, if you don’t remember what the ad was for then it didn’t do its job. We have all seen an ad and later tried to relay it to somebody else, saying something like, “I don’t remember what it was for but did you see that ad where …”

Which Super Bowl ad was your favorite? Which commercials would make your top seven? Leave your list in the comments.

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