Top 12 Men on American Idol Season 6 Perform

Not all that well, but they did perform. The show started off with some energy as Rudy Cardenas picked an up tempo song to debut with. From there we meandered through the rest of the two hours of American Idol just waiting for that Wow! moment, which never came.

Paula was her normal supportive self, Randy found a few things to like and Simon didn’t hear much at all that impressed him. It was a ho-hum night all around. Here’s hoping that the girls bring a little something to the table when they sing tomorrow.

I had a couple of favorites going into the first night. They are funny guy Chris Sligh and beat boxer Blake Lewis. Blake is from up here in my neck of the woods. I thought they both did really well tonight. So, how does the TVaholic think last nights performances on American Idol Season 6 should be ranked? Well, read on and find out.

How the Top 12 Men’s Performances Ranked:

  1. A.J. Trabaldo – Randy thought he was “pretty good” and Paula said he “can definitely sing” while Simon thought it was “good but predictable.” He was the 11th to sing out of the twelve and I thought he sounded the best of the night and wasn’t to be outdone by the final performer.
  2. Blake Lewis – Blake decided that he should show America that he is more than a human beat box and did so quite well. He had the second best vocal of the night. Randy “kinda duggit” while Paula thought the vocals were “spot on.” Simon was just happy to hear something that “sounded contemporary.”
  3. Phil Stacey – Randy thought this performance was the “best of the night.” They all thought it started out pretty shaky as did I but when he hit the chorus he really did sound great. Simon thought he was “ok” in the grand scheme of things but “good for tonight” given the rest of the performances.
  4. Chris Sligh – Had the fourth best performance but the best comeback after Simon said his performance “was ok.” He made a dig about not coming to tryout for the Teletubbies, for which Cowell has produced albums.
  5. Sanjaya Malakar – Another one from up here in the Great Northwest had a very boring performance but I thought the vocal was pretty good. Randy thought it was “really bad” while Paula said he was “hesitant” and Simon thought it was “dreary.” It sounded good, especially if you were looking for something to fall asleep to.
  6. Jared Cotter – Randy thought he was “pretty good” and Simon said is was “unadventurous.” He sounded pretty good to me, as well.
  7. Nick Pedro – He got a “wasn’t good” from Randy and a “wasn’t terrible” from Simon while Paula just “didn’t feel it.” It was a middle of the pack performance.
  8. Rudy Cardenas – Came with some energy to start things off but that was about it. Randy thought that the quality of his performance good be seen “in any bar.” Paula thought is was “fantastic” and Simon thought it was “nothing unique.”
  9. Brandon Rogers – Randy thought he was “pitchy” while Paula thought he did a “great job” and Simon thought it was “safe” and “predictable.” It was a solid performance but overall it was left lacking.
  10. Paul Kim – Randy liked his “potential” while Paula thought he was “pitchy” and Simon thought he was “ordinary.” It wasn’t a very good performance but he should be sticking around for another shot next week.
  11. Sundance Head – I can’t believe this guy even made it this far in the competition. I don’t think anybody has gotten farther on his or her initial audition in front of the triumvirate than this guy. He belted out another stinker tonight. Randy said he was “off pitch” and Simon thought he was “flat” while Paula thought he “picked the wrong song.” I am not a very musical person and I thought his singing was very flat myself and then was very happy with myself when Simon agreed. This guy has got to go.
  12. Chris Richardson – Randy thought he “worked it out” and Paula thought he was “really good” while Simon thought it was a “bad vocal.” I thought it was a terrible vocal and most definitely the worst of the night. I hope Gavin DeGraw wasn’t watching.

So, Sundance Head and Chris Richardson is my bottom two, after the Top 12 Men performed this week on Season 6 of American Idol. If I had all the votes they are the two who would be gone. Who do you think should leaving Thursday night? Who do you think had the best performance of the night? Leave your rankings in the comments.

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