How Did the Top 12 Do on American Idol Season 6?

American Idol PosterOnce again the ladies performed great and the guys, not so much. I figured after the last three weeks of performances that the guys really needed to step it up, if they were going to compete with the gals. They had not done nearly as well as the ladies. Given the theme of last night’s show, I thought they would have even more trouble staying in the game.

It turned out that was the case, as the women overwhelmingly outshined the men while sing the songs of Diana Ross. She was their mentor this week and gave each of them some pretty good advice. Who better to get a little help from than someone who has spent four decades singing hit after hit.

The judging was particularly harsh tonight. Every time a performer on American Idol takes the stages, they tell them they need to “own it,” “make it their own,” or show some “originality.” When they do, like last night, they tell them when singing a classic you don’t have to change it, just sing it the way it is meant to be sung. This has got to be totally confusing to the singers being judged at times. Do I make it my own? Or, do I sing it in its original form? Was that a copycat performance? Or, was that a mess and I should have just left it alone? What do you think about this judging paradox the contestants have to deal with?

American Idol Season 6 – Top 12 Performance Rankings:

  1. LaKisha Jones – She sang “God Bless the Child” and really controlled her voice beautifully. Randy thought it was the “perfect song choice” and that she was “sensational.” Paula thought she is a “beautiful performer.” Simon talked about how there are people who got it and people who don’t and told LaKisha, “You’ve got it.” She really does and was outstanding once again.
  2. Melinda Doolittle – A really close second, as she sang, “Home.” Randy thought it was “really, really strong” and that it “was hot.” Paula said it gave her “one big goose bump.” Simon thought she sounded like a “young Gladys Knight.”
  3. Jordin Sparks – The young dynamo sang last. Her song choice was “If We Hold On Together.” She really closed the show out nicely. Randy is “so very impressed” by her at such a young age. He thought after that performance that it was now a “three girl race.” Paula told her that you “drew me in right away.” Simon, while thinking it was a bit “gooey,” thought it was a “very, very good vocal” and that she had a “shot of being in the finals.”
  4. Stephanie Edwards – She sang “Love Hangover.” It was very good. Randy thought she had a “strong finish” and Paula thought she needed to “strive” for more in her performances. Simon told her that it “wasn’t your best.”
  5. Gina Glocksen – Sang “Love Child” and did a good job. Randy told her that it “wasn’t my favorite from you.” Paula told her she is “better than you did tonight.” Simon thought it was a “middle of the pack” performance.
  6. Blake Lewis – Randy said he “Blake-ised” “You Keep Me Hangin On.” I thought it sounded good, but his vocal could have been better. He sounded better in the clip when he was singing for Ms. Ross than he did on stage. Simon said he “didn’t get that.” This is one of the times in the night where a performer tried to make the song “his own” and the judges didn’t like it.
  7. Phil Stacey – Had his best vocal performance of the competition, so far. He sang, “Make You Love Me.” Randy thought the “vocals were hot.” Paula thought the vocal was “really good” and “strong.” Simon thought it was a “really good choice of song.”
  8. Chris Sligh – He gave “Endless Love” a Coldplay type sound in the arrangement he worked out. He sounded good vocally, but the song as a whole was not so great. Randy thought it was “a mess.” Simon thought he “murdered the arrangement.” This was the other person to try and do something different and according to the judges it didn’t work.
  9. Chris Richardson – I don’t get this Justin Timberlake wannabe. He has the same set of dance moves for every performance and his vocals are just not my cup of tea. He sang, “The Boss.” Randy thought he “over did it” and that his performance was “half good, half bad.” I would have said about a quarter good and three-quarters bad. Paula thought he did a “great job” while Simon thought it was a “dreadful vocal.”
  10. Haley Scarnato – She sang, “Missing You” and missed a few words during the song. She covered the miss a lot better than Brandon Rogers did, but will cover that in a bit. Randy thought it was a “valiant effort,” but a bit “pitchy.” Paula told her “you look lovely.” When Paula comments on your looks or outfit first, this is not a good sign. Simon thought she showed “real presence.” Except for forgetting the words, it may have been her best performance of the competition. She really finished the song quite strong after the trouble in the middle.
  11. Sanjaya Malakar – Actually didn’t have the worst performance of the night. He sang, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Randy thought “it wasn’t very good,” but that he would win “Hair Idol” with the curly locks he was sporting last night. Simon thought he is “very brave.” It wasn’t very good, but Brandon may have saved him yet another week.
  12. Brandon Rogers – He was the first one up last night and sang, “You Can’t Hurry Love.” It was not a good start to the show. Randy thought that he had “reverted to a background singer” while Simon thought he sounded like a “background singer for a background singer.” He muddled through and at one point forgot the words. He was not able to cover it at all and with the noticeable silent pause in the song, everybody in the place and at home new it.

As much as I don’t think Sanjaya should have even made the Top 12, he should stick around at least one more week and Brandon should hurry on off into the background. My bottom three is Brandon, Sanjaya and Haley. It should definitely be one of those three that gets cut.

Who do you think should leave after last night’s American Idol Season 6 Top 12 performances?

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