What the Chuck?

Get Chuck Episodes at Amazon UnboxI know, not much of an original title, but descriptive nonetheless. Have you noticed how many characters in the new fall shows there are that are named Chuck. There are at least four, from four different shows, three of which all play on the same night. Wednesdays are Chuck-ful of them. So, TVaholic thought we should rank the Fall Season’s Chucks.

Here are the Four Chucks of Fall 2007 from First to Worst:

  1. Chuck Bartowski, the unlikely gee… I mean nerd hero of Chuck on NBC.
  2. Charlotte “Chuck” Charles, the formerly dead, now alive, but if touched again, dead forever, heroine of Pushing Daisies on ABC.
  3. Chuck Darling, the disgraced news anchor that has to start over again in Back to You on FOX.
  4. Chuck Bass, the spoiled bass-tard trouble maker of Gossip Girl on The CW.

What’s up with all the Chucks? Have I missed any new ones? Are there any Chucks from returning shows that should be added to the list? Let us know how you would rank the Fall Season’s Chucks?

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