Review: Cashmere Mafia – Series Premiere on ABC

Show: Cashmere Mafia (ABC)
Episode: “Pilot” – Series Premiere (Season 1)
Premiere Date: Sunday, January 6th, 2008
Rating: 1½ out of 4 Stars

Quick Synopsis: Four female big shots are best friends.

Long Synopsis: The introduction to the story of four women big shots that have been friends since business school. Sometimes, it seems that their friendship is the only thing that helps them deal with their hurried lives at home and at work.

Review: Cashmere Mafia is a female version of Big Shots, which debuted back in the fall, but with slightly more likeable characters. This might have done a bit better ratings wise than the aforementioned Big Shots in the post Grey’s Anatomy timeslot, given the female skewing demographic of the Grey’s fan base. They could of gone for a girl’s night with Ugly Betty leading off Thursday nights. Well, it probably couldn’t of done worse.

Cashmere Mafia stars Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal), Miranda Otto (The Starter Wife), Bonnie Somerville (Kitchen Confidential) and Frances O’Connor (Madame Bovary) and is from Darren Star, the producer of Sex and the City. That last part is supposed to make it sound pretty good, except that Sex and the City was overrated. Granted, the TVaholic isn’t in either show’s core-demographic.

Liu plays a woman that is up for a promotion against her fiancé, but when she wins, she also loses. Otto plays a woman that puts up with her husband’s philandering, until it hits to close to home. Somerville is the serial single gal in the bunch that after her latest breakup starts to question her sexual preference. O’Connor plays a woman trying to balance her life with young children, her husband, his work and her work. They have all been best friends since business school and at the top of their game business wise, but not always in everything else. They lean on each other for support.

The premise sounds solid, but is squandered here. Many of the situations, like a guy proposing just before the pair gets put up for the same promotion and when she wins, just a few days later, he can’t deal, so he breaks off the engagement. Really, although you knew it was coming. And, do businessmen show up to meetings and treat any women they see like a secretary? Especially, when she is the decision maker on the other side of the table. Not that there aren’t still plenty of chauvinistic businessmen, or men in general these days, but would you show up to a big business meeting and not know whom you were meeting with?

Will probably watch again, when the show moves to its regular timeslot on Wednesday nights in the third hour of primetime. The TVaholic likes to give shows at least two shots before a final judgment is rendered. It will be up against CSI: NY on CBS and Law & Order on NBC. Maybe, it will do well as counter programming to the male and older skewing procedurals on the other two networks.

Overall, Cashmere Mafia is too predictable and the characters too whiny to be really likeable. It’s hard to find anybody worth rooting for. If you want to watch people living it up, in all sorts of excess, but with characters you can root for, stick to ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money.

How about you, what did you think of ABC’s new series, Cashmere Mafia?

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  • Lynn Jan 8, 2008, 4:32 pm

    Cashmere Mafia is a total waste of electricity. What has happened to Boston Legal. The writers for Cashmere Mafia should all be fired!!!!

  • Jason the TVaholic Jan 8, 2008, 6:19 pm

    Lynn, you’re right. The writing was pretty bad. It will be interesting to see what NBC’s upcoming Lipstick Jungle will be like. Darren Star originally tried to buy the rights to the Candace Bushnell book the show is based on, but was out bid by NBC. He then went ahead and created his own version of the show and sold it to ABC. Hopefully, the original idea will be better than the copy.

    As for Boston Legal, there are still four completed episodes left to air. ABC gave Cashmere Mafia another shot tonight in place of a scheduled new Boston Legal, but Boston Legal will probably be back as of next week.

  • Bree Jan 9, 2008, 3:03 pm

    Awful. I was able predict half the dialogue. Teh girl-on-girl kiss. Wow, saw that coming from a mile away. It was also a bit insuting to both men and women, seeming to imply that if a womans has professional success men just can’t cope.

  • Jason the TVaholic Jan 9, 2008, 6:08 pm

    Bree, “awful” and “predictable” seem to be the consensus around the web on this show, but when you think about it, “insulting” fits quite well, as well.

  • The only one paying attention Jan 9, 2008, 6:18 pm

    Perhaps it’s not quite right to bandy about the idea of firing writers considering the current situation, hmmm?

  • Jason the TVaholic Jan 9, 2008, 6:56 pm

    The only one paying attention, is not you. On strike or not, it just sounds like Lynn didn’t care for what the Cashmere Mafia writers put forth in the premiere episode and that was her way of stating it. Given the ratings, unless there is a miraculous turn around tonight with the second episode, this show won’t be around to write for when the strike does finally come to an end. So, effectively, they will get fired, along with everybody else that works on the show, as happens every time a show is cancelled.

  • It's no Sex in the City Jan 10, 2008, 10:32 am

    Although I agree with the predictability assessment and the fact that too much happened too fast that you almost feel like what else can happen before it becomes too over the top like Nip Tuck…I think a lot of people are missing Sex in the City and are longing for that connection again. Especially with the new shows like Dirty Sexy Money and Big Shots having a predominately male focus. All in all, I wouldn’t fire the stylists. lol

  • Ursula Jan 10, 2008, 7:06 pm

    What’s up with ABC programming lately? Can’t they come up with a show that doesn’t have any gay characters? I watched the first episode of Cashmere Mafia and it was mediocre. The only thing that kept me watching was the fact that the women portraying these different characters are very likable. But I really do not like the whole lesbo thing. It really isn’t necessary. All the ABC shows like Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters also have gay characters. I just do not see any need for the gay couple on Housewives. They are quite boring and there is really no need for them to even be there. Brothers & Sisters on the other hand somehow makes the character of Kevin very believable, but I still have to fast forward through all the gay kissing. I”m sure there will be a lot of people that disagree with me, but I know alot of people that feel the same way I do.

  • Cynthia Jan 11, 2008, 12:24 pm

    I have to agree with Ursula, that’s the liberal hollywood style for ya! Gays and interracial dating. Did you see the upcoming preview of Brothers and Sisters? Sally Field has a new love interest.
    It is disturbing to conservative middle America.

  • John Jan 11, 2008, 2:22 pm

    I agree with Ursula. Why rub the GAY thing in our faces. TOO MUCH.

  • Jilly Jan 11, 2008, 6:56 pm

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I like this show. And as an aside, I don’t understand why you think they are “rubbing the gay thing” in your face. The fact of the matter is that gays, lesbians, interracial couples, all those things that you all seem to be so “disturbed” by are a fact of life. Conservative middle america scares me sometimes. P.S. I am a white, middle-aged, straight, southern woman – I don’t understand why so many are so uptight.

  • Rednecks shouldn't post Jan 12, 2008, 12:00 am

    Wow, to the four preceding posters (excluding Jilly) – way to show the degree of disgusting ignorance that so well characterizes conservative “middle” (what the **** does that even mean?) America. At least the first poster attempts to mask her homophobia with some justifications for her dislike of the GLBT couples on the aforementioned shows, but the second two really do just come out and say as they feel.

    TV gives a small, idealized representation of our daily lives, and that’s what makes these shows so interesting. Sorry if you haven’t woken up yet to the fact that yes, indeed, there are GBLT members of our community, and yes, they’re all around us! What a concept, right guys?

    John and Cynthia are the type of people who would’ve been staunch advocates of segregation and laws against interracial dating in the last century. Race was the battle of the 20th century, and as we step into the 21st century, looks like we have a lot of work to do to win the battle for GLBT rights.

    Why rub the “GAY thing” in your faces? Maybe it’s because you desperately need a cold dose of reality – your ignorance is outdated and no longer needed in this day and age. Feel free to stop watching; ABC certainly doesn’t need any endorsement from its redneck viewers.

    Note: This comment was edited for explicit language.

  • Donna Jan 12, 2008, 8:42 am

    Renews my lack of faith in network programming with plot lines ranging from completely implausible to totally predictible. A waste of (some)acting talent and Manhattan skyline. The lesbian sub-plot (predictible) was the only bright spot. The icy beauty’s transformation to sultry sex pot seeking revenge on her cheating husband and meeting the long lost love of her life on her first outing had zero credibility. What can be said about poor Lucy Liu except she was better as a prostitue on Ally McBeal ten years ago? And the worst aspect of the man-stealing soccer mom sub-plot was, if the woman is too busy to spend time with her kids, how does she have time to hang out with Bschool classmates? Again, a waste of time and money. Where oh where is Boston Legal?

  • Sheila Jan 12, 2008, 2:59 pm

    I enjoyed cashmere mafia until I have to watch two women mugging it up. The gay thing is getting old. Its not necessary to make a story

  • PLCMHN Jan 13, 2008, 9:14 pm

    I cannot believe I actually am writing an opinion about a show I didn’t like.
    I think that the idea is great, but the characters are “blah”.. Sorry, I disliked Mia the most. She didn’t show me anything about great business women instincts and how to use it in a competitive world, just how to backstab your way up, even if it is the man you say you love ..
    The other 3, well, I don’t know, I have no issues with gay people, but Bonnie’s character seemed a little to anxious, and I don’t think gay people act like that
    I hope they let Zoe’s character be the sane one that gives hope to the rest of us, that maybe things can work even if you have family, business and friends to take care off. If they add too much drama to it and the couple ends up in divorce, I’ll be very dissapointed.

  • PLCMHN Jan 13, 2008, 9:17 pm

    Hopefully the writer’s strike ends and they can rescue the show!

  • disappointed with ignorance Jan 15, 2008, 5:35 am

    Homosexuality is a fact. It exists. And for all of the people out in the world who are self-centered, bigoted and ignorant, I’m sorry that you feel that the “gay thing” is being rubbed in your face. (Nevermind that of two entire episodes there is approximately twenty seconds of kissing, you morons.) For those of you who feel inappropriately forced to view gay characters and interracial dating…maybe you should think about the fact that for the majority of the history of television, situations concerning such characters were underrepresented and in fact, entirely absent. Grow up, get a life and educate yourselves. People like you depress me.

  • Carolyn M Armstrong Jan 16, 2008, 9:49 pm

    Why is everyone being so negative..The show is not award winning but don’t trash the actors. I think they all did well. I like all four characters in their rolls. All beautiful and acomplished actors. It is entertaining and I love seeing the drama and the fashions, the sites of New York etc.. All that we bored woman like to see on TV. Sometimes we have to just sit back and take it as just entertainment. Yes, I like Boston Legal too, as well as Dirty Sexy Money. I for one hope they find a place for this new show somewhere on tv when the writers and all end the strike..PS: I too am getting a little tired of every show having to inject the Gay thing…Hey, we get it..we get it! So, don’t call me any names..I am not a red neck either. I am a Mother and a Grandmother so, be nice….all of you.

  • T Jan 16, 2008, 10:04 pm

    I actually thoroughly enjoy this series for a number of reasons.
    – 1. Its role reversal. Finally, there’s an extensive look at the world of successful, powerful women.
    – 2. Realistic issues, save the drama. One example is Zoe and Eric’s relationship. While characters from SATC may have thrown a fit, Zoe’s character reacts by retaliating. I enjoy the light-heartedness of it all.
    – 3. The eye candy. The cast members are all good looking. Enough said.

    I think a lot of people’s argument is that this series isn’t realistic, but isn’t it? We have 4 gorgeous women living in NYC and forming a support group for each other. I see nothing unrealistic about that.

    Some compare this show with SATC, claiming that SATC approached raw situations never touched upon, but I feel that while SATC was a good watch, it was describing a completely different set of women. The women in CM represent this generation of educated, independent women who have their own set of problems as a mother, daughter, friend, CEO, etc.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of this series and the development of the characters.

  • M. Almand Jan 17, 2008, 8:52 pm

    I simply cannot believe all the negativity that I am reading about one of my favorite shows! Ladies, are you serious? I love this show! I’m happy that women in powerful positions are being recognized and even diverse at that! I’m not a history major, but back in the old days, women did not work, we couldn’t vote, and were not independant. Sadly, in today’s world, unequal pay still exists between men and women. But look how far we’ve come! This show is for all the women that have worked hard to be in high level positions, that are educated, that don’t need to depend on a man to “take care of them” and that look good!

    I love the character’s wardrobes, accessories, hair styles and makeup!

    I sincerely hope the show doesn’t get cancelled! I can’t wait until next Wednesday!

  • go get an education you ignorant trash Jan 20, 2008, 8:02 pm

    Wow, it is stunning that so many people can come to a concensus on such an idiotic concept. Way to perpetuate the paradigm of ignorance stunting the social progression of the United States. I’m sure none of you concerned about the fact that the “gay thing” portrayed on television actually EXISTS IN REAL LIFE. Why should television shows be focused on primarily heteronormative relationships when 10 percent of the world’s population is homosexual? Yet strangely enough, far less than 10 percent of television shows are centered on homosexual relationships…So if you really think the odd gay plot-line is appalling, think of how disgusted you would be if television actually endorsed a proportionate amount of programs that reflects the world demographic. But in reality, you should only be disgusted with yourself. Bigotry is the essence of idiocy. Why don’t you try getting off the couch, stop watching bad television such as “cashmere mafia” and get an education. Why don’t you look at your own pathetic, classless, unintelligent and meaningless lives and wonder why you have to channel your insecurity through ignorance. I am a straight, successful bi-racial woman (GOD FORBID MY PARENTS INTERMARRIED!!!!!!!!) and even though I am only half white, I am still better than you.

  • Robbi Style Jan 23, 2008, 2:16 pm

    i like hearing women whine : )
    it a good show.

    likable characters.

    i like ppl too.

  • S Jan 24, 2008, 1:26 am

    So what do you guys who are sick of the “gay thing” and “interracial relationships” on tv, what do you propose? should tv shows only represent straight white people? am I not to be represented in the shows that I watch? how would you feel if on tv all you saw were minorities and gays? no heterosexual relationships and no white people???… like it’s been said before in this blog, just when minorities and homosexuals start to get a more reasonable amount of representation on tv, you guys are already sick of it?, well guess how sick we must be of watching the same monotone tv, the white successful heterosexual male… granted the show has some serious case of bad writting, but atleast it portrays subjects very seldom seen: successful women and their struggles, homosexual relationships, and interracial relationships.

    and I’ll tell ya, not even this show gets the whole feminist theory straight of the four successful women there’s only one minority, and even with their successes they still buy into the whole male privilege perspective, letting a man cheat on you because you can’t offer what a housewife offers???, to tell a woman she can’t sleep around because she’s “a woman”(sleeping around is not gender specific).

    may I suggest some Women Studies classes to the writers of this show as well as to the ignorants (and I don’t mean that as an insult, rather as a genuine belief in their lack of knowledge) who have expressed themselves so poorly in this blog… “gender, race, and class” is a title of a very good women studies class that will enlighten all who take it!!!

  • Oh please... Jan 24, 2008, 12:30 pm

    I like it…I don’t think it’s unrealistic at all. I’ve worked in Corporate for a number of years and unfortunately, what “Mia” did is how you get ahead. At least in the Marketing/Sales industry of the Corporations I’ve worked for. Though the show doesn’t really focus so much on the jobs at hand that these women have, so much as it does on their personal lives and how they are dealing with their internal conflicts. I think it’s interesting to watch Zoe, mainly because i can relate to her as I’m not sure if I am going to continue working if I have children due to the conflict she faces with the workload and raising her children.

    As for the other things…the homosexual relationship does not bother me, nor does the interracial relationships (I’m half black and half Korean) as my fiance is white. As for someone stating that it’s crazy for Juliet to have turned on her husband like that, it isn’t. I could and would do it as well. The point that I am making is, some people do not find themselves able to relate to these characters, I do. It is all on how you are raised and how you live your life, but my life is actually just as insane as theirs, except my circumstances don’t always work out as quickly or as easily as theirs does. That’s the beauty of television though, it’s nice to watch a fantasy and figuring out how to achieve it yourself in your own life. As a side bar…I hate reality TV for that reason.

  • Ksue Jan 24, 2008, 3:11 pm

    I really like this show! It reminds me of sex and the city, only not so vulgar. I like all the women. although My least fav is the lady who is sexually confused. I am a conservative person. And I realize the in thing is to have all the once taboo things in all the shows now. Can’t I wach something on primetime that is conservativly acceptable?

  • Karmen Jan 24, 2008, 7:46 pm

    In response to the post that mentioned they didn’t think “gay people” would act anxious….

    I’m sorry, what do “gay people” act like? I’m sure you’re an authority. The character is just testing out new feelings. If you suddenly found yourself attacted to someone of the same sex wouldn’t you feel a little anxious? What a strange stereotype.

    And I, too, am completely apalled at the number of people willing to voice their negative feelings about gay and interracial relationships on tv. You know, you hear that our country still has a long way to go when it comes to fighting racism, but to actually see a person say they were turned off by Sally Field’s character dating a black man….wow. I’m completely shocked and saddened.

    Read a book. Go to college. Meet people. Open your mind. You are what’s wrong with the world.

    -A straight, educated, 20-something white woman

  • How ridiculous Jan 27, 2008, 10:46 am

    It’s positively ridiculous that this conversation has become about the “gay thing”. It is, in reality, such a small part of this show. A show, which, after watching the first four episodes, I like. As a young, college educated woman, it’s nice to see strong powerful women getting what they need and deserve.

    I like all the characters. To say that one of them is a lesbian means you haven’t actually watched the show. She’s trying to find love, and she isn’t close minded enough to not date someone she’s interested simply because that person is a woman.

    As for Miranda Otto’s character, she did stay with her husband through the cheating, but not because she felt bad that she couldn’t be his perfect housewife, but because she wasn’t ready to let go of 15 years of being together…yet.

    I was very sad to read the synopsis for the next episode – Zoe and Eric should be stable. That’s what gives us hope amid the other chaotic relationships in the show.

    I really enjoyed watching this show and hope it doesn’t get canceled!

  • Wow Jan 27, 2008, 1:00 pm

    I’m a conservative. Apparently that’s a dirty word around here. Last I checked, Americans are allowed to have an opinion. My opinion is that I liked the show. The whole gay thing doesn’t bug me, the ending of it is/was predictable. But it’s still no biggie, because her issues are with relationships as a whole, not that she’s gay or straight.

    Now, why is it that a person with a more liberal bias is allowed to say whatever they want with no repercussions? While someone else who states their preferences is labeled as ignorant, uneducated and small minded–just because they don’t agree with your liberal mindset. It’s a two way street. If you want someone to listen to your crazy point of view, you have to listen to theirs as well. You don’t have to agree with someone to be open minded. You just have to be willing to listen.

    And to the person who wants something “conservatively acceptable” on Primetime. You must be living in a dream world. Really, it’s just the TV Networks watching out for you and your kids, because they should be doing their homework at that time and not watching tv. Just watch one of those Christian channels on DirecTV, or HSN, or turn off your tv if you don’t like it (sponsors LOVE that response).

  • Shesaurus Jan 28, 2008, 9:57 pm

    Great show! I’m addicted. A program director would be an idiot to cancel this. These women are fierce, stylish, smart and powerful and I want more!

  • kalena615 Jan 29, 2008, 2:24 am

    I like the show!I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. I was hurt very bad by my “best friend” It’s nice to see a strong bond between successfull women.I also had a decent career before becoming disabled and having to become a stay at home Mom with my 5 children. I have been married for 17 years. I have enjoyed watching Miranda Otto’s character, and how she has handled her husbands indiscrestions. I had to make tough choices, and I could totally relate. My husband and I usually watch all the usual crime dramas- Law & Order, Without a Trace. I find this show refreshing, I tape it on the DVR and watch it on Sundays during my “alone time” I would hate to see it go!

  • Love this show Jan 30, 2008, 9:17 am

    I LOVE this show!!! My new favorite. I really hope it doesn’t get cancelled!!

  • Itsjustashow Jan 30, 2008, 6:36 pm

    I like the show too. Contrary to the former posts, this show is actually considered to be more “conservative” in most circles. The majority of shows at that hour have much more sex and less substance. I am happy that there is a show on t.v. that portrays women in a positive light. Some may find the characters unbelieveable or boring; however, I think that it is good that ABC is willing to show women who can be equally faithful to their husbands, families and careers. They may run into some problems or moments of confusion along the way… but I believe that makes it more believeable and worth watching.

  • Shesaurus Jan 30, 2008, 10:30 pm

    It’s a cash-miracle! I just hope this mafia kills reality tv. Bring on the drama ladies!

  • NN Feb 1, 2008, 11:47 am

    I too love this show. It’s great to see women in strong, professional roles, doing their best to have it all. Yes, it’s a bit over-indulgent, but isn’t that what TV is for? As a liberal, I actually agree with Wow that listening to others’ points of view is a two-way street. We live in a very large country with diverse populations and mindsets. What frustrates me is when lawmakers tell us we must all have the same lifestyle. The world is not one-size-fits-all. If you don’t like the themes in a show, don’t watch it. Same reason I don’t watch the Christian channels. And what’s up with the only Asian character on the show having the obviously NOT Asian last name Mason? Was she adopted from China? Are we gonna have a repeat of Charlie’s Angels where her dad is white? C’mon Lucy, you’ve got enough sway with the writers.

  • Raphaela Feb 2, 2008, 7:35 pm

    I really enjoyed it, and seeing how I have five gay friends I’m okay with the gay thing and think it’s a good ides, honestly you people have to except that gay is the new way, baby boom? more like a gay boom, accept it people feel more comfortable so there coming out. Besides that I love eveery character and what they bring to the show. But where did it go? Is t like SOuthbeac four episodes that’s it? It should come back.

  • Steve Feb 5, 2008, 11:31 am

    You know. I have to say that the show actually attracted me a lot quicker than SATC did. I think primarily because I like Lucy L. As an actress. But as someone who works in an office of Sales professionals and Directors, I should say that NY and the East Coast are very cut-throat in the positions these women hold. I work in the Luxury Hospitality Industry, and I have to say their characters are very much like those types of women you would meet. While maybe more attractive and more glamorous you have to understand that these types of characters are the kind of people that do exist.

    As a professional looking in I have to say that they are very attractive characters. Even to someone like me. Young. Coupled. Gay. Professional.

    I like the show, and though I work at the office late, I usually catch the show online.

  • Great Show Feb 7, 2008, 9:32 am

    I love this show. I’m appalled by the earlier negative posts by viewers on the gay issue and interracial relationships. I think many of them missed the underlying issues and reasons that drives these characters. I’m thrilled that the later posts finally shows people who “gets” what these issues are all about. If you want “white conservative america” show those went out with the Brady Bunch, Leave It to Beaver and Partridge Family. I hope that my two sons will never have to be faced with the bigotry so many people out there still upholds considering they are the product of a bi-racial marriage and their father is a product of bi-racial marriage. We should be defined not by our ethnic race or sexual persuasion but by our humanity.

    I hope they keep this show. I love the style, the sly little jabs and come comeuppances for wrongs done to them. I love the friends’ loyalties to each other. I love the pure escapism of the show.

  • loveit Feb 7, 2008, 3:33 pm

    I LOVE the show. I think the actors are fabulous and their characters well developed. I like seeing the diversity in race AND sexual orientation. These women remind me of my own friends, only we’re all in very different career fields. It may not be perfectly true to life, but that is why it is TV.

    And for all the self titled “conservative” homophobes – Grow up already. If you don’t want to see gay people together than close your eyes and get yourself a seeing eye dog. People are people, and they have a right to live their lives the way they want to (which FYI is a conservative principle). Welcome to the real world. It’s not like the girls are having lesbian sex in each episode. If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it. I’m sure there is something else for you to watch like fox news..or how about you turn on the radio for some Rush Limbaugh.

    I LOVE this show.

  • Are you serious? Feb 8, 2008, 8:12 pm

    I am surprised by the uninhibited way that liberals lash out at conservatives. A couple of people said that they didn’t like the (small) gay plot line. Big deal. That is reason enough to throw around such insults and hate? Good grief. Not one conservative threw around insults. The double standard that so easily exists in the liberal mind is what is baffling. How many people wrote that we conservatives should have an open mind and face reality, and yet these are the same people calling names? Did we revert back to junior high? When did this become acceptable?

    As for the show…I can’t decide. I love the eye candy of it all – the wardrobe, hair, accessories. I also like the idea of the close knit friendship of the women. I think for most women, if they don’t have that kind of friendship, they would love to have it which is what makes these kinds of shows appealing.

    I don’t like the limitations that the characters have. Gay, straight, bi – Caitlin is a little too flaky to be believable to me. She out of them all in no way is presented as a powerful person. I understand that her character is searching for love, but what strength has she shown yet in anything?

    Zoe is likable, but honestly…if you are struggling to be home with your family in the few moments that life would offer, can you really justify going out with your friends that much?

    Juliet has only one emotion and that is nothing. Her expressions are the same for everything, which makes me question if it is the character I don’t like or Miranda Otto playing Juliet. I think a woman that tries to stay with her husband is commendable – some would say stupid but only because they don’t understand the strength, forgiveness and humility it would take. Few can understand the actions of the very strong.

    As for Mia, what can you say? I like her, though the whole intro. with her fiance was too predictable. The show as a whole just seems weak to me. I keep wanting these women to be better. But isn’t it that shows usually start out strong and become a shamble rather than the opposite? We will see.

  • mikey Feb 9, 2008, 9:13 am

    thanks “S”. Alot of us are bored with the same old white hetrosexual tv situations. I do think the show whimped out by taking Bonnie Sommerville out of her lesbian relationship so soon. I guess its on to hetrosexual mundane and tedious again (maybe?). I think this show will get better in time and that the actresses really move the storyline around well, and will get better at it as the show moves on. Also, don’t be so fickle and impatient as most spoilt Americans are, as a spoilt American, I stopped watching network TV awhile ago, its not challenging enough for my intellect. I think there are things to work out on this show to make it successful but don’t give up on it yet. I like this show esp. France O’Connor and Miranda Otto as the most committed actresses.

  • Brittney Feb 11, 2008, 1:40 pm

    I found this show very entertaining. I hate to miss an episode and hope the show will continue.

  • haley Feb 12, 2008, 8:29 pm

    I love the show…

  • go get an education you ignorant trash Feb 13, 2008, 10:52 pm

    wow, I love all the complaints about liberals and their “name-calling”. Considering I’m a biracial woman, I think it’s a lot more offensive for me to hear that interracial relationships on television are “disturbing”. And as I live in the East Village, seeing homosexuality labeled as a “thing”, “disturbing”, and “unnecessary” is extremely offensive as well, as those labels apply to several of my close friends. At least superficial name-calling is purposefully offensive. It’s worse when you’re completely ignorant to the injuries you inflict upon people.

  • andrea Feb 14, 2008, 6:30 pm

    am i the only weirdo that finds this show entertaining? and comparing “cashmere…” with “lipstick…” i liked cashmere’s pilot better…it grabbed me more…lipstick didn’t give me that feeling of…’uh..i wanna see what happens next…”

  • Kelly Feb 15, 2008, 6:28 pm

    I actually like this show, even though the show’s title is really stupid. It’s about four women being powerful and dealing with life. My favorite scene is when Juliet tells her husband that she knows about his affair, while they’re at an awards dinner for her. She oozes power. And I like that Mia got the job and she’s strong enough to deal with her baby of a fiance bailing because he couldn’t handle losing. Let’s face it, men can’t deal when their girlfriends/wives are smarter and more successful than they are. I also love that the one character is questioning her sexuality. I watch this show every week, and I plan to watch it as long as it’s on the air. I loved Sex and the City, but those characters were all caricatures of real women, except for Carrie. I think Cashmere Mafia’s characters are a lot more real.

  • Kristine Feb 16, 2008, 10:02 pm

    I actually really love this show.

    It’s about time that TV has some strong, skilled, intellectual, and stylish women. Yet, their flaws and weaknesses are refreshing. Sure, this might be unrealistic, but so many other shows are not realistic too.

    I don’t watch TV much, but I adore this show. I especially love Lucy and the “manny”.

    Besides, I don’t think it’s necessary to look into a show so much. Watching TV is not exactly the time to predict what they may say next…or what will happen. I just enjoy sitting back for an hour and see these lives unfold…

  • Jason Feb 17, 2008, 10:12 am

    I first have to say that I really enjoy this show. Yes, I realize that it is targetting the demographic that also watched Sex & the City and, in turn, is playing to their longing of the show coming back. However, I like how the show is developing. If you watch any show at the beginning of its first season, you’ll notice that the writing is unfocused and doesn’t seem to have a particular direction in mind. However, as the season progresses it begins to zero in on where its going.
    I like that this show bring a lot of issues to the table, but sometimes I feel they are trying to deal with too many of them. Sexual identity confusion is big enough by itself; while inter-racial dating should not be an issue (are we stuck in the 1960’s?! Even out in Utah, we’re over it), dealing with divorce is a big one to couple it with.
    I am looking forward to seeing where the show goes. As it gets to the end of the season, then I’ll make up my mind about what I feel. Too bad it isn’t on HBO; it would have the chance to be edgier. It is aggressive, but then seems to apologize for its behavior.

  • Shelly Feb 19, 2008, 8:04 am

    I think the show gets better with each episode. A little over the top and unrealistic, but Desperate Housewives is the most unrealistic show going and it is a hit. The clothes are absolutely the best. I would watch just to see what they are wearing. I have to agree with the comments on the requisite gay couples on every show. It may be reality, but I don’t want to watch them kissing and fast forward also. Whatever that makes me, so be it. The storyline I like the most is Juliette and Davis. I can name many instances of personal friends and acquaitances where the guy cheated and even left the wife for another woman and then turned vicious as if the wife was the one who did something wrong. Unlike real life, I hope she sticks it to him big time.

  • dante Feb 20, 2008, 3:16 pm

    I LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!period!!!!!!

  • Sylvia Feb 20, 2008, 3:17 pm

    I just want to say that I think the show is a great way to relax after a day at the office.
    And for everyone else who think negative thoughts about gay or interracial couples Please Grow up!

  • Jaime Feb 21, 2008, 1:44 am

    I like the show. I’m disappointed that they edited out good scenes with Mia and Alicia. But overall I think the show is intelligent and entertaining.

  • TC Feb 22, 2008, 8:28 pm

    Hope this show is here to stay for a while…I love the show and look forward to more!!!! Don’t make me wait to long…

  • Corine Feb 22, 2008, 9:16 pm

    Bravo Cashmere Mafia ladies! BRAVO!! Finally a show that makes sense about powerful women and the men they love to hate or love. They have spunk! I just love this show. Looked forward to watching it. So when is it coming back??????

  • edmund Feb 23, 2008, 4:07 am

    I really love the show. There’s been lack of solid script on tv because of all the reality show taking over all the time slot. I like how the characters are portrayed around powerful women and not some teensy weensy unsuccessful trashbags.

  • Jessica Feb 23, 2008, 1:47 pm

    I’m addicted! My TiVo is set #1 priority on this program. I agree “A program director would be an idiot to cancel this show”. These women are smart and powerful. Everyone that says it is boring and lacks excitement take a look at you lives you are all probably fat, wrinkly, soccer moms devastated that your dreams are crushed and wishing you could be them, and live lives like theirs and have good friends to rely on. Instead of the fake ones you have right now, probably talking about you right now! Stop being jealous and just enjoy it! Props to the cast!

  • Corine Feb 24, 2008, 5:52 pm

    Your Tivo too? I Tivo too! I so much look forward to this show. You are absolutely correct on your comment. Come on, it’s about time they aired a show on the real professional women of today. Yeah okay, it is a little sophisticated of sorts, but hey, we women are all sophisticated in one manner or another. From the counter girl at the 7-11 to the executive CEO. We are all to be praised! I am so glad Zoe stood up and quit. Why, yeah, go ahead and give it to the male, what, he took him to the all you can eat Asian buffy for a little taste, while Zoe had to sit there and lie to his wife? Give me a break. It is still happening every day. We get passed up in some form or another. And Mia, oh well, get over it. He would have stabbed her in her back. Good for her. The better “professional” won! I just love all of them. I am just hoping the exec’s at ABC continue airing this show. Maybe voicing our opinions will do it. Hey, they put that show back on (Jericho) after bad reviews. I honestly think they should have kept it off. Watched a few episodes, how sad……….I know it’s life and all, I won’t go into that show. Again, bravo for the ladies at Cashmere Mafia!

  • mere Feb 27, 2008, 4:17 pm

    I think the show is wonderfully entertaining. I really hope that it continues!

  • Jenniffer Feb 27, 2008, 5:03 pm

    If you don’t like the show, why bother to visit the website and write about it? I think Cashmere Mafia is cute, funny, and the only show I bother to sit down and watch each week. It is a bit reminiscent of Sex and The City, but why is that a bad thing? I miss it, and was relieved to find a show to fill my Sex and The City void…

  • Professional Woman Feb 27, 2008, 5:32 pm

    This show is great. Maybe the writing is not perfect, but it is nice to see women balancing careers and family. This is like Sex and the City for those women with real jobs (i.e. jobs that require long hours and real work). I love this show and hate that women cannot see how great this is for women in professional careers.

  • fusian May 27, 2008, 7:04 pm

    What happened to this show??? I was just getting into it and its off the air! what happened???? LOVE THE SHOW! Something for us gals! BRING IT BACK!

  • Jason the TVaholic May 27, 2008, 11:28 pm

    Fusian, The seven episodes that were filmed before the writers’ strike all aired in January and February. ABC didn’t seem to feel it garnered enough of an audience to get a second season, so they cancelled it. While it doesn’t have that same fun vibe as Cashmere Mafia, there is always Lipstick Jungle on NBC in the fall.

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