Dexter Gets Re-Cut for CBS

Download Dexter Episodes at Amazon UnboxTonight, we get the last episode of Brothers & Sisters for a few weeks on ABC, the premiere of the TV movie (backdoor pilot) of Knight Rider on NBC and another episode of Breaking Bad on AMC. While the TVaholic will be watching all of those, in the same time period we get the network TV premiere of Dexter on CBS.

It will be interesting to see how they take a show originally shot for Showtime, with its relatively boundary free premium cable landscape, and re-cut it for air on network TV. They not only have to account for the graphicness, language and nudity, but cut about 10 minutes from episodes that ran about 53 minutes, or so, commercial free, so it can fit into a commercial hour.

Well, it looks like they will be running the show a bit long, like tonight’s premiere starts about three minutes before the hour. But, how will the boundaries of network TV change the show? We will be watching to find out. It looks like the ability to watch something, while recording up to four other shows, will come in handy tonight.

Find out more about Dexter the show and Dexter the character with the videos below. (RSS and eMail readers may need to click to the site to view the video clips)

Dexter Season One Overview

Get a look at what Dexter is all about. This is one of the best shows to come along in sometime.

The Duality of Dexter

Dexter Morgan, portrayed by Michael C. Hall, is one of the most mesmerizing characters to grace the smallscreen. Hall’s performance is absolutely amazing. It is truly unbelievable that he has not won an Emmy or Golden Globe for this character.

The Women of Dexter

Find out about Dexter from the ladies in his life and the women who portray them.

Dexter, a Killer With a Code

The code of Harry is what makes this show very interesting. Harry is a father that sees a budding serial killer in his adoptive son. He trains him to channel his growing need to kill and helps him learn how to blend into society.

Will you be checking out Dexter on CBS?

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