Check Out Some Sarah Connor Chronicles Season Two Premiere Episode Photos

Download T:TSCC Episodes at Amazon UnboxTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is one of the shows that I have been looking forward to its return. That return is tonight on FOX before a new Prison Break. What about you? Have you been looking forward to the return of T:TSCC?

The episode, “Samson and Delilah,” has John having to deal with his destiny on his own, in the wake of the Jeep explosion. Not exactly how he expected to spend his 16th birthday. Meanwhile, Agent Ellison is confronting his faith.

This season sees the introduction of two new female characters. One a new friend for John and the other the head of a tech company that may have something to do with bringing in the future John and Sarah are trying to stop.

Below you will find some photos from tonight’s second season premiere and promo photos of the cast.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles S.2 Ep.1 Photos

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles S.2 Cast Photos

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