Tonight on the Tube: The Office Repeats, Flashpoint & Burn Notice

News & Notes

Get Burn Notice Episodes via Amazon Video On DemandTonight, FOX has the one-hour premiere of Hole in the Wall.

Over on cable, MTV has series premiere of Top Pop Group, Showtime has the series premiere of Comics Without Borders and USA has Burn Notice making its post tennis hiatus return.

Will be on TV Talk with Shaun OMac later today. The show starts at 3:00 p.m. PT and I, along with Amrie from Seat42f, among other places, will be on at 3:20 p.m. PT, so why not drop on in and listen live.

Prime Picks

Smallville (The CW): Repeat. It looks like there is still a member of the Veritas group in hiding and Lex is attacked and has Kryptonian symbols carved into his chest, in “Quest” from this past season. Next week is the eighth season premiere.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): Repeat. Dr. Wyatt won’t let Meredith quit therapy, Alex finds out about Rebecca, and the Chief won’t take no for an answer from Eric about a risky surgery, in “Losing My Mind” from this past season.

Flashpoint (CBS): New. One of the team is in the wrong place at the wrong time, as a youth attempts to clear his name by holding a courtroom hostage.

Solid Selections

America’s Got Talent (NBC): New. Find out what acts made the Top 10.
My Name Is Earl (NBC): Repeat. Earl tries to get some advice from his friends as his marriage starts to unravel, in “Camdenites, Part 1” from this past season.

The Office (NBC): Repeat. Jim and Pam get roped in to having dinner at Michael’s place, in “Dinner Party” from this past season.
The Office (NBC): Repeat. Stanley snaps at Michael, so he sets out to set Stanley straight, in “Did I Stutter?” from this past season.

30 Rock (NBC): Repeat. Carrie Fisher (Star Wars) guest stars as a hero of Liz Lemon’s and she brings her in to write on the show, in “Rosemary’s Baby” from this past season.
The Office (NBC): Repeat. Jim is trying to land a client on the golf course, while Michael is trying to recruit a new intern, in “Job Fair” from this past season.

Cable Choices

Friends (TBS): Repeats. It is “The One With the Boob Job” and then “The One With the Memorial Service.”

American Chopper (TLC): New. The OCC gang is hosting the “RJR Memorial Car Show.” Plays again later.

Burn Notice (USA): New. Michael tries to help a woman that he has been hired to kill. Plays again later. The seven episodes from this season play earlier in the day as part of a 12-episode marathon.

Other Options

  • Ace of Cakes (Food Network): New. A cake for Milkbone’s 100th Anniversary is made. A repeat episode follows. Both play again later.
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): Repeat. Brass and Nick get help on a case from a guy they put away, in “Drops’ Out” from this past season.
  • Iron Chef America (Food Network): Repeat. Chef Floyd Cardoz challenges Iron Chef Bobby Flay. Plays again later.
  • Private Practice (ABC): Repeat. Sam ends up in the middle of a dangerous house call, in “In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride.”

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has college football action with North Carolina at Rutgers.

Late Night

  • Mad Men (AMC): Repeat. This past Sunday’s episode, “The Gold Violin,” replays.

TV Marathons

Bravo has seven episodes of Project Runway.
Oxygen has 14 episodes of Living Single early and 12 episodes of Snapped tonight.
Sci Fi has eight episodes of The Twilight Zone early.
USA has 12 episodes of Burn Notice that includes the seven episodes from this season.

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