Tonight on the Tube: Smallville, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Life on Mars & Eleventh Hour

News & Notes

Watch The Office Episodes at Amazon Video On DemandOn cable tonight, VH1 has the first season finale of Glam God With Vivica A. Fox.

Will be on TV Talk with Shaun OMac later today. The show starts at 3:00 p.m. PT and I, along with Amrie from Seat42f, among other places, will be on at 3:20 p.m. PT, so why not drop on in and listen live.

Prime Picks

Smallville (The CW): New. Chloe and Jimmy get taken by a jeweler that hooks them up to a kryptonite-enhanced lie detector and Clark and Lois pose as a couple in the attempt to find them.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC): New. Derek comes across an old diary that belonged to Meredith’s mother. Cristina finds an area of the hospital that she and the other residents have never been in before. Runs 61 minutes.

Eleventh Hour (CBS): New. Young boys are dying of heart attacks in a small Georgia town and Dr. Jacob Hood arrives to investigate. This is another great episode that further introduces you to Dr. Hood and what he is like. At this point, I just barely like this better than Life on Mars, but it is a very small margin.

Solid Selections

My Name Is Earl (NBC): New. Earl is trying to make Randy’s cheerleading dreams come true at cheer camp.
Kath & Kim (NBC): New. This episode was originally scheduled to be the fourth episode and not the second one to air, but since that one was just as bad as last week’s premiere, maybe this move will be a good idea.

The Office (NBC): New. Michael has Dwight helping him prepare for different scenarios for Jan giving birth. Meanwhile, Michael also tells Holly that he is going to pretend not to like her for the benefit of Jan. Runs 31 minutes. Read an interview with Paul Lieberstein, who plays Toby, and Amy Ryan, who plays Holly.
Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday (NBC): New. Who would of thought that they would have been able to fit 90 minutes of not very funny into only 30 minutes, but they did.

Life on Mars (ABC): New. Sam is trying to prove himself to Lt. Hunt, while still reeling from his present circumstance. They are working on a series of fatal robberies. Really liked the first episode of this series last week, even better than the original British version, which was really good as well.

Cable Choices

Good Eats (Food Network): Repeat. Alton takes the mystery out of coq au vin. Plays again later.
Food Detectives (Food Network): Repeat. Food myths are investigated. Plays again later.

American Chopper (TLC): New. The guys start work on a new bike. Plays again later.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX): New. The gang kidnaps a reporter that wrote a story about Paddy’s Pub being the worst bar in Philly and tries to change his mind. Plays again later. Runs 31 minutes and plays again later.

Other Options

  • Ace of Cakes (Food Network): New. The gang makes moon cake while they think about opening a west coast bakery. A repeat episode follows. Both play again later.
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): New. A hypnotist that robs banks is investigated for murder.
  • Iron Chef America (Food Network): Repeat. This past Sunday’s episode with Iron Chef Bobby Flay taking on NYC chef Daniel Angerer replays. Plays again later.
  • Supernatural (The CW): New. It looks like a shape-shifter may be frightening people in a small town by parading around as monsters from old scary movies.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has college football action with Florida State at North Carolina State.
  • TBS has Game 5 of the MLB ALCS with the Tampa Bay Rays up 3-1 over the Boston Red Sox in the series.

Late Night

  • The Starter Wife (USA): Repeat. Last Friday’s two-hour series premiere episode, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin Queen; The Diary of a Mad Ex-Housewife,” replays.

TV Marathons

Bravo has five episodes of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.
Oxygen has 32 episodes of Snapped.
TNT has six episodes of Law & Order tonight.

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