Review: Twins

Show: Twins
Episode: Series Premiere
Originally Aired: Friday, September 16th 2005
Rating 1 out of 4 stars

Quick Synopsis: Fraternal twin sisters take over their parents lingerie business.

Long Synopsis: Fraternal twin sisters, one frumpy and smart, the other blonde, beautiful and dumb. The parents, dad is frumpy and smart, mom is blonde, beautiful and dumb. The show revolves around a lingerie design company. The frumpy one is the brains of the operation and the pretty one is the butt (lingerie model) of the operation. These mismatched siblings from a mismatched father and mother bicker and battle over silly things in an attempt at comedy.

Review: I thought I was watching a bad Saturday Night Live sketch. The dialogue and jokes seemed all stunted and forced. It was like they were reading from cue cards without a rehearsal. The laugh track didn’t help much either. It just highlighted what the writers and producers of thought was funny. When you aren’t laughing and the fake audience is, you have a problem.

There are many problems with this show besides the lack of laughs. One is that Sara Gilbert is not nearly as ugly as the character she plays needs to be for this show to be remotely convincing. Conversely the sister played by Molly Stanton, while pretty, has the opposite problem. Sara Gilbert is playing an older Darlene type, her character from Roseanne. You know, the one who deals with the pretty sister and a weird family with quips, barbs and putdowns. Unfortunately in this show most of them miss their mark and fall flat.

The show is being advertised as from the people that brought you Will & Grace. If I were one of them, I would demand immediately The WB stop advertising it in this way. It wasn’t the worst sitcom I have ever seen but it is now king of the bad sitcom pile for the Fall 2005 season. Will it be dethroned? For the sake of all the other new sitcoms this season and the viewers who will watch them, I hope not.

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