Tonight on the Tube: Arrested, Mother, Prison, and Miami

What television programs will you be watching tonight? Prime Picks are the TV shows that the TVaholic is watching. Solid Selections are the TV shows most likely being recorded. Other Options are the best opposites of the Prime Picks.

Prime Picks

Arrested Development (Fox): Quite possibly the funniest show on TV right now, at least the funniest that few people are watching. Some say you need to have seen the previous seasons or that watching an episode a second time is even funnier than the first. It may be better if the previous was the case but the TVaholic just started watching this season and you don’t need to know anything about the show to enjoy it and find it funny. It only makes you want to go back and watch the earlier episodes.
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Quite possibly the best new comedy this season. If you liked Friends then you will like this show. This show has elements of what made that show great with a few twists and tweaks that make it different and fun to watch.

Prison Break (Fox): One of my favorite new shows of the season. Twist and turns in every episode that make you go, how are the writers going to get out of that one?

CSI: Miami (CBS): This show may be more style than substance but what great style it is and no other CSI show blows more stuff up than this one.

Solid Selections

The King of Queens (CBS): Tonight Carrie finds out that in Doug lied to her in the beginning of their relationship about getting a job with IPS.
Kitchen Confidential (Fox): Two weeks into this show and I like it for some reason even though I don’t ever laugh or find much of it humorous at all. As for now the TVaholic will continue to watch if only to figure out, why this is?

Las Vegas (NBC): Conclusion to the two-part crossover episode with Crossing Jordan, which aired last night in the third hour.

Medium (NBC): Tonight Allison is dreaming of a woman who was committed to an institution in 1959 and then she starts to figure out that the woman is alive and real.

Other Options

Surface (NBC): The special effects on this show are the best of the new triumvirate of alien invasions taking place this season.

Two and a Half Men (CBS): Tonight Charlie puts together an intervention to try and talk Alan out of reuniting with his ex.
Out of Practice (CBS): Lydia puts a party on to show that she doesn’t mind the relationship between Stewart and Chrystal.

No good Other Options in the third hour of primetime tonight.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): One Hot Tomato. Recipes involve the use of tomatoes.

Monster Garage (Discovery Channel): A 1959 Chevy Apache is turned into a mobile milking station.

Blue Collar TV (Comedy Channel): Replay of last night’s episode on The WB.
Blue Collar TV (Comedy Channel): Repeat episode about fighting.


For Cable Choices you may need to check your local listing for the exact time of show. Picks, Selections and Options should line up with your standard primetime hours. The first show listed in each category will be on in the first hour of primetime and the second show in the second hour etc.

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