The Problem with the Ghost Whisperer

Well there are many problems with the Ghost Whisperer but the main problem is that there doesn’t really seem to be a point to the show that captures your imagination while making want to know more and continue to watch. You might say the point of the show is helping spirits crossover. If that is the main point of the show, then really what is the point? To watch the ghost of the week get their problem solved in some sappy sad attempt at being heartwarming or touching. For the TVaholic this just doesn’t cut it.

The show needs and overarching story. Great she can see and talk to ghosts and so could here grandmother. Big deal. Why is this the case? The show doesn’t tell you. They don’t even attempt to hint at why? So again I ask what is the point of this show?

The ghost of the week will get old after awhile, it only took me two episodes. One really but I try to give each show a second viewing just to be sure. People that like the show Smallville like it for the overarching storyline and complain most when the show gets bogged down in the freak of the week stories. Ghost Whisperer started off bogged down.

The show it replaced on Friday night, the superior Joan of Arcadia, had the type of story I am talking about. Was Joan seeing things and then why was this happening to her? These and others were hinted at in the show. Giving it an overarching storyline that you wanted to tune in and watch week after week to find out more about why this was happening. The show was more than just the lesson of the week for Joan. Unfortunately CBS saw fit to cancel the show after the second season when the reason was finally revealed.

This is not the case with Ghost Whisperer. If they continue on this path with each episode being a story in itself but never advance and overall story allowing for growth of the characters, it will not keep viewers returning week after week. Why would you? You could tune in anytime and watch an episode and never miss anything.

So, I had the idea for this post last week and decided to watch last Friday’s episode, which was the fourth show of the season. I wanted to have the show fresh in mind when writing about it. It was just like the two shows I had seen until the very end when a ghost catches Melinda’s eye and stares her down and then vanishes with an evil and sinister sounding laugh as a vehicle passes by. I thought to myself are they trying to introduce some long-term struggle for the main character to deal with. Something that will be hinted at more and more until she and we find out what is going on. I don’t know and don’t really care and had I not been thinking of this writing idea would have not ever bothered to even watch another episode.

If they are introducing an overarching storyline then good for them because this show needs something to give it a chance at being worth watching on a long term basis. Unbelievably based on these first few episodes the show was picked up for the entire season.

What do you think about Ghost Whisperer? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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