Tonight on the Tube: Aquaman, CSI and Without a Trace

What will swim across your dial tonight? Thursday is always crammed with quality TV. My recording devices will be working overtime as usual tonight.

Prime Picks

Smallville (WB): Clark is super again but now he has to worry about all those who are close to him and which one isn’t going to make it. Tonight we get to meet a young Aquaman, should be fun.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): It looks like George Eads gets the focus of the writers tonight as they search for a family suspected of being murdered but have no bodies with which to prove that is the case.

Without a Trace (CBS): Tonight we reopen and old case where Jack might of made a mistake put a guy away for something that might not even of happened.

Solid Selections

Alias (ABC): Rejoice Michael Vartan fans as a new contract has been signed and he has already been on set filming future episodes. Is Vaughn not dead? Will he play a Vaughn clone? Who knows, this is Alias after all and pretty much anything goes. Tonight though we find Sydney’s life is at stake when Gordon Dean discovers that his little Mockingbird did not parish in the explosion last week.

Everwood (WB): Ephram has to deal with his past as he starts giving a young prodigy some piano lessons.

ER (NBC): A new attending played by John Leguizamo pretends to be a patient to see how the ER doctors work. Also tonight’s episode starts a minute into the previous hour.

Other Options

Joey (NBC): Joey ends up in an English as a second language class while trying to get the attention of an attractive woman and becomes the star pupil. Sounds a lot like Monica in the Cooking 101 class to me. Speaking of Friends, I read that all the friends except Rachel have expressed interest in doing a reunion show. Forget that how about they make some guest appearances on Joey. Who believes that Joey would finally get his big break in the acting biz and Chandler wouldn’t be there to celebrate with him.
Will & Grace (NBC): Jack tells Karen to go to Stan and leave Malcolm.

The Apprentice (NBC): Someone gets fired.

Primetime (ABC): If Without a Trace or ER don’t interest you then how about some good old investigative journalism.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): In this repeat show Emeril kicks up some desserts a notch.

Celebrity Poker Showdown (Bravo): Two hours of Barry Corbin, Joey Fatone, Gina Gershon, Andy Richter and James Woods battling it out on the felt for their favorite charities.


Since the Astros finally got that win they wanted and closed out the White Sox sending them to their first ever World Series there will be no Baseball on Fox tonight. So instead Fox will be airing repeats of the 1987 and 1988 episodes of Reunion.

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