Tonight on the Tube: Yes, Dear, Lost and Invasion

Once again there is really nothing all that special to watch in the first hour of primetime tonight. Which is followed by too much good stuff in the next hour. It is famine before feast on Wednesday night.

Prime Picks

Still Standing (CBS): Bill and Judy try to get the attention of some new friends but each for themselves.
Yes, Dear (CBS): It is all about looking good by comparison tonight.

Lost (ABC): The two groups collide when they meet up.

Invasion (ABC): A lot of big reveals last week. Still don’t know what is going on totally but they have let the viewer in a few things. Like they are not body snatchers but replacers.

Solid Selections

E-Ring (NBC): If you don’t like comedy you could try this or just wait till the next hour of programming

Veronica Mars (UPN): This is a well-written show. They have been able to accomplish in their second season what Desperate Housewives so far has not. That being an overall mystery that you care about and want to watch unfold as it gets closer to being solved.

CSI: NY (CBS): Dolls, dolls and more dolls at least in pieces of dolls anyways.

Other Options

One Tree Hill (WB): Repeat of the season premiere.

Criminal Minds (CBS): Hostages on a train and one of them is a BAU team member.

Law & Order (NBC): The detectives try and find who is behind a hit list that includes DA McCoy.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): This repeat about cooking a classic Thanksgiving is your last chance for T-Day tips before you start cooking tomorrow.

Behind the Bash (Food Network): Summer parties in the Hamptons are profiled.
Sugar Rush (Food Network): Sweets and treats that you find at weddings.

Good Eats (Food Network): Alton cooks up the perfect stuffing in this repeat airing.
Good Eats (Food Network): Alton cooks up some leeks in this repeat episode.


Scifi Channel is showing four straight episodes of Firefly tonight.

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