New TV Shows on DVD: The Old and New Adventures of Superman

So what is new in the world of TV shows on DVD out this week? Well take a look at the listings below for what came out today on DVD. Season Two of both the original TV Superman and a newer one came out today. Any of these releases going to make it into your TV shows on DVD collection? Check out this week’s Prime Pick for your viewing pleasure.

Prime TV on DVD Pick

Lois & Clark - The New Adventures of Superman - The Complete Second SeasonLois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman – The Complete Second Season
This was a show that I couldn’t wait for the next episode to be on. It has a lot of what I like in a TV show. Good stories and great characters. The best part was the interaction between Clark Kent played by Dean Cain and Lois Lane played by Teri Hatcher. The back and forth banter between them. The spark between them was very evident. In the way Dave and Maddie on Moonlighting were great to watch so was this super couple. The show had action, drama, romance and comedy. Lane Smith as the editor of the Daily Planet delivered some of the best lines in the show. The set has all 22 episodes on six discs with commentary by Dean Cain on the Season’s Greedings episode in which he wrote.

Other TV on DVD Options

Adventures of Superman – The Complete Second Season
Doogie Howser, M.D. – Season Three
Fraggle Rock – Down in Fraggle Rock
Good Morning World
The Mary Tyler Moore Show – The Complete Third Season (1972)
Mr. Show: The Complete Collection
The Old Grey Whistle Test, Vol. 2
Titus – Season 3

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