Say it Again: Veronica Mars

A few lines the TVaholic found funny the week of January 29th, 2006 on TV. Usually this would have been posted on Saturday but we had a huge windstorm that knocked out power all over the Puget Sound area. Read on for a little laugh. Enjoy!

Dialogue of the Week

Show: Veronica Mars (UPN)
Episode: Rashard and Wallace Go To White Castle
The Setup: Logan and Weevil are trying not to be seen together but need Veronica’s help. They are sitting at different tables that are right next to each other at the restaurant she works at.
Veronica: So this is sneaking. I’ve got a pantomime horse disguise you could use. Do either of your have any experience being a horse’s ass?

Other Funny Stuff

Show: Bones (FOX)
Episode: The Woman in the Car
The Setup: Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan have gone to a suspect’s house to question him. Booth sees a truck parked up the street and goes to check it out. He breaks the glass and pulls the guy out of the front seat. Another guy jumps from the back of the truck and Brennan yanks him to the ground. Booth with his gun drawn and pointing at the guy on the ground while that guy is going for his gun.
Booth: FBI!
Man on Ground: US Marshals!
Brennan: Forensic Anthropologist! That’s why no gun.

Show: CSI: Miami (CBS)
Episode: Fade Out
The Setup: A velvet rope has been used to hang a guy from a bridge. Valera is the DNA tech in the CSI lab that has checked the rope for epithelials and had a bit of trouble doing so. Horatio comes in to see if she has made any progress.
Valera: That noose was a pain in the neck. Sorry.

Show: CSI: Miami (CBS)
Episode: Fade Out
The Setup: Horatio is interviewing a professor of film from a local college that has been trying to help a couple of students with their script. The students have a deal with a local producer. Some of the things in the script have taken place for real.
Prof. Myers: Yes its true. The kids needed a movie idea. I decided to help them.
Cain: Purely out of charity, I’m sure.
Prof. Myers: I admit, I’m living a little vicariously. I tried to play the Hollywood game. It didn’t work out. Luckily for them style is the new substance.
Cain: (Chuckles).

What were your favorite lines from last week?

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