Tonight on the Tube: Gilmore Girls, House and Boston Legal

A Charlie Brown ValentineCharlie Brown seeks a Valentine tonight on ABC. The Winter Olympics continue on NBC. The Gilmore Girls have a double date for Valentine’s Day in Martha’s Vineyard. House does something that nobody else on staff at the hospital can believe. And Tom Selleck guest as an old flame of Candace Bergin on Boston Legal. Not a bad night except for the missing Love Monkey on CBS. What will you be watching tonight on TV?

Prime Picks

Gilmore Girls (WB): Rory and Logan invite Lorelai and Luke to Martha’s Vineyard to spend Valentine’s Day at Logan’s family house there. This should make for some truly good scenes.

House (FOX): The case of the week is a young burn victim with strange blood test results leading to difficulty in figuring what is wrong with him.

Boston Legal (ABC): A girl unable to smile because of nerve damage but who is truly gifted is denied entry to a private school. Alan Shore sues the school for discrimination. I believe that Tom Selleck begins his guest stint.

Solid Selections

A Charlie Brown Valentine (ABC): Charlie tries to work up the courage to ask a girl to the Valentine’s Day dance. Repeat, as it is every year on this day. Runs 30 minutes.

Supernatural (WB): Some twisted hunting is done while Sam and Dean try and figure out what is going on.

NCIS (CBS): Repeat where Tony and Ziva go undercover literally as assassins when the real couple turns up dead. Unfortunately this is on instead of Love Monkey, which is in some sort of limbo. Please CBS don’t kill this show off prematurely. It is one of the best new shows to come along this season. Give it a chance. Show the Monkey some Love.

Other Options

American Idol (FOX): The singers perform in front of the three-judge panel.

Dr. Phil Primetime Special: Love Smart (CBS): Paula Abdul goes to Dr. Phil for some help in her love life.

You can watch some Winter Olympics coverage on NBC in the third hour of primetime if the above doesn’t float your boat.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Italian dishes are prepared.

Big Break V: Hawaii (Golf Channel): Women compete for a chance to earn a chance to play on tour.

The Shield (FX): Kavanaugh sets up an office at the Barn and much more in this 66-minute episode. It plays again right after.

Sports Notes

NBC continues their coverage of the Winter Olympics tonight with 210 minutes of programming. Men’s figure skating, alpine skiing, women’s speed skating 500m and women’s luge will be among the events shown.

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