Funny Quotes from Scrubs, My Name Is Earl & Others

So, what funny TV quotes left us chuckling last week? Well, here is a listing of the funny quotes from the week of April 2nd, 2006 that made the TVaholic laugh. Read on and enjoy!

Dialogue of the Week

Show: Scrubs (NBC)
Episode: My Chopped Liver (Season 5)
The Setup: Carla had to be the face for Dr. Kelso so nobody could see him crying after his dog died. Carla says yes to one request, which sends everybody to Kelso’s door looking for things to which Carla has to say no. This doesn’t sit well with the others who are now mad at her. The Janitor has organized of group of them to walk by and give her the “evil eye.”
Janitor: Guys, come on I’m the only one giving the evil eye. We worked on this. Hey, Ted your giving sad eye.
Ted: It’s all I’ve got!

Other Funny TV Show Quotes

Show: My Name Is Earl (NBC)
Episode: The Bounty Hunter (Season 1)
The Setup: Jesse is Earl’s ex girlfriend when Joy stole him away. She works for a bail bonds place and hears of a warrant out for Joy and wants to go after her for revenge. She is questioning Earl as to where Joy might be.
Jesse: Where is she Earl?
Earl: I don’t know.
Jesse: You’re lying. I’m trained to spot liars.
Earl: I’m not lyin’.
Jesse: Seriously, I took a seminar at the Marriot. I sat in the front row. You’re lying.

Show: The O.C. (FOX)
Episode: The Day After Tomorrow (Season 3)
The Setup: Seth and Summer have both applied to Brown for college. Since the weather will be colder Summer has been buying cold weather gear for her and Seth. Seth is avoiding Summer because she got in and he didn’t but he told her he did. Ryan comes to talk to him.
Ryan: Hey man. Umm, Summer was looking for ya. I a, I invited her for tonight.
Seth: Cool. Good.
Ryan: Everything OK?
Seth: Yah. No. Its just a, if she sees me she’ll dress me like a Timberland Barbie.

Show: Las Vegas (NBC)
Episode: Alls Quiet on the Montecito Front (Season 3)
The Setup: Ed Deline is interviewing candidates for a vacant Security & Surveillance position. He is letting them know what is expected of them.
Ed: OK now, we’re narrowed down to you four. But I would like to see you guys in a practical work environment. So, notify whoever you have to notify because you are goin’ to spend the next 24 hours right here. No sleep, no food, no rest. Need to call anybody?
Marvin: (Saluting) No sir, Mr. Ed sir!
Ed: Listen; if you really want this job, I strongly discourage you from calling me Mr. Ed.

What were your favorite funny quotes from TV last week?

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