Tonight on the Tube: American Idol, House, The Unit, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls and the Easter Beagle

It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie BrownA note of interest not found in the picks and selections below. Tonight on VH1 they will be playing the first three episodes of the canceled CBS show Love Monkey. This was a great show that CBS killed off before it had a chance to find an audience. Many shows have died an early death this TV season. CBS has been at the hands of a few like Threshold but Love Monkey is the one I wish most was still gracing our TV screens each week. What shows do you miss that got the axe before their time this TV season?

Prime Picks

American Idol (FOX): The Top 8 sing Queen songs.

House (FOX): House is struggling to save the life of a young boy who seems to have the same symptoms as a patient who died while he was treating him 12 years ago.

Conviction (NBC): Special night for this show, another episode airs in the regular timeslot on Friday night. Tonight Nick Potter gets held up at gunpoint.

Solid Selections

Gilmore Girls (WB): Last week was one of the best episodes of the season with all the fast talking dialogue bantering about. This week Rory visits Jess in Philadelphia and ends up running into Luke.

Veronica Mars (UPN): How great would two hours be with Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars back to back on The CW next fall. Veronica is having dreams about the victims of the bus crash. Logan and Weevil team up on a project that could land Veronica a scholarship. Episode will air tomorrow also.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS): Repeat with the CSIs investigating two cases where the evidence starts to overlap.

Other Options

It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (ABC): The Peanuts gang listens to Linus tell of the Easter Beagle. Plays about this time each year.
Scrubs (NBC): Repeat of the best episode of this season. J.D. just wants to go home, Turk needs a heart and many other wacky things happen as they pay homage to The Wizard of Oz.

The Ten Commandments (ABC): The two-hour conclusion to the four-hour miniseries that started last night.

Cable Choices

Wrecks to Riches (TLC): An attempt at restoring a 1969 Camaro but it has more problems than originally thought.

Overhaulin’ (TLC): A 1964 Impala is overhauled for a man who wants to surprise his wife with her dream car.

Thief (FX): With Roz dead the team is without a vital piece of information to complete the job they are planning. Nick tries to bond with his stepdaughter. Runs 65 minutes. This is the third of a six-episode run.

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