American Idol: Final 4 Sing Elvis on Season 5

Elvis 5 - Jailhouse RockElvis Presley night was a pretty good night for the American Idol Season 5 Final 4. Everybody really tried to bring it and we got a lot of “that was hot” from Randy. With it being down to four Simon thought it was now “time to get serious” about the performances. Paula continued to once again being Paula.

Each singer once again sang two songs. This time from the music catalog of the one and only Elvis Presley. After being given a tour of Graceland by Priscilla they each got a little help from Tommy Mottola.

This week it was much easier to pick who had the best night even though everybody did really well.

So how did the performances last night on American Idol rank:

  1. Elliott Yamin – He sang the best first and second song putting him on top for the night. When he sang “Trouble” both Randy and Paula thought it was his “best performance ever” on the show. Simon said “you deserve to go through to the next round” and he sure does. Of all the performers that needed to come strong he did seeing how he was in the bottom two on last week’s results show. He definitely brought it and it was “hot.”
  2. Chris Daughtry – For his first song he sang “Suspicious Minds” and it was the second best of the first time through. Randy didn’t particularly like it but Simon said “that worked” and Paula thought it was good enough to “see you in the finals.” His second song “A Little Less Conversation” didn’t come off as well until the end. Paula liked it cause it gave him a chance to show some personality. It ranked third for me out of the second group of songs.
  3. Taylor Hicks – For his first song he sang “Jailhouse Rock” which is the song that first came to mind for him when I heard what the theme was going to be. Randy thought he was “in your element” while Simon said is was a “bad Elvis impersonation.” He sounded pretty good while flailing about the stage but I had him in fourth place for the first group of songs. For his second song he sang “In the Ghetto” and really sounded great. It ranked second for me out of the second group of songs. Simon said you “sung your way into the semi-finals.”
  4. Katharine McPhee – While I really like her you can’t “drop a lyric” at this stage of the game. I did like that she tried something different by combing two Elvis songs “Hound Dog” and “All Shook Up” into one but that may have been what messed her up and she missed a line of the song. Other than that I thought the first song was great and she really showed she could have fun with a song while dancing around on stage. It was the third ranking song of the first batch. For her second song she sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and while I wanted to fall in love with the performance I didn’t. It ranked fourth of the second batch. It is weird though as Tommy Mottola was heaping high praise on her and her voice but something happens when she gets out of the practice room and onto the stage as it doesn’t always come off well.

So who do you think will be the bottom two this week? I think it should be Taylor and Katharine. Yet I think it will be Elliott once again along with Katharine with the McPheever finally breaking and the last female in the competition heading home. Yet as we have all seen anyone can be sent packing at anytime on American Idol.

How about you, who do you think will be leaving American Idol Season 5 tonight? Who do you think will in the bottom two? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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