Tonight on the Tube: Alias, Lost, Invasion, Bones, Minds and Diaries

Alias: Sydney Bristow in Fashion Suit Action FigureTonight we have the season finale of Criminal Minds on CBS. Will it be a contained episode or will they leave one of the team hanging near a cliff? Also The Bedford Diaries closes out an eight episode run tonight with a two-episode full night season finale. I haven’t seen the ratings for this show and have no idea of the likelihood it will be back for a second. Have you been watching it? Do you think it will be back? What will you be watching tonight on TV?

Prime Picks

Alias (ABC): Sydney must beat Anna Espinosa after a mysterious implant if found in Renee. Sloane is having trouble with what he has done while now working for Prophet Five.

Lost (ABC): Jack and others deal with the horror of the hatch while Eko and Locke seek out a secret location on the island that may hold the keys to all the mysteries. Runs 65 minutes.

Invasion (ABC): Russell and Underlay head back to town to try and stop Szura. The National Guard rounds up Muriel, Larkin and the kids and Underlay’s deputies try and find out from Dave where he has gone.

Solid Selections

Bones (FOX): A burnt body is found at Arlington National Cemetery and looks to be suicide until the gang does a little more digging and finds out something that could lead to a major scandal for the military.

Criminal Minds (CBS): Season Finale. The BAU team is drug into a psychopath’s fantasy, as he wants to play a game. A series of clues is to be unraveled to try and save the next victim.

CSI: NY (CBS): Aiden returns to help catch the rapist but things might not turn out well for her. In the other case it is Fleet Week and a military man is killed.

Other Options

The Bedford Diaries (WB): Two hour Season Finale. In the first hour Lee’s gambling starts to become a problem and Richard turns to Natalie to help him get over Katrina.

The Bedford Diaries (WB): In the second hour abstinence is the topic of the week while Owen and Natalie take another look at their relationship.

Law & Order (NBC): Detective Falco finds the woman he brought home the night before slashed in his bathroom. He is definitely going to need some help. What is with NBC having characters wake up to find dead bodies and not know what happened.

Cable Choices

Emeril Live (Food Network): Emeril cooks up some calming first date vittles.

Top Chef (Bravo): The three contestants still in the competition cook for some of Napa Valley’s best.

Top Chef (Bravo): The contestants talk about what the show was like to be a part of. This caps off an eight-episode marathon of this show.

Sports Notes

ESPN has Wednesday Night Baseball with the Boston Red Sox playing the New York Yankees. ESPN2 has Wednesday Night Fights. OLN has an NHL playoff game doubleheader. TNT has an NBA playoff game doubleheader with the New Jersey Nets at the Miami Heat followed by the Los Angeles Clippers at the Phoenix Suns.

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