American Idol: Down to Two on Season Five

If those vote totals are true then it’s hard to see who will become the Season Five Idol. It looks like the question of the moment is for whom are the Yaminians most likely to vote for next week. Sure the performances need to be there to get them motivated to vote but whom do those votes go to should both Katharine and Taylor do well. Will they come down with McPheever or join the Soul Partol.

I was surprised that Elliott made it this far but last week he showed why he was still around. Unfortunately he couldn’t muster another week like that, which is what he needed to have stayed.

With two left on Season Five of American Idol this is how TVaholic sees it:

  1. Taylor Hicks – Unless he really plops out a stinker next week I think he has the best shot of winning this competition. It looks to me like the Elliott fans are more likely to throw their phones in with Taylor than Katharine.
  2. Katharine McPhee – Looked like she would have been the one on the way out this week but she stepped up and really performed well. She needs another week like this week and probably a slip up by Taylor to win. Should be interesting, as nothing seems to go as people think it will go from week to week. Also, it looks like the “full of herself” tag has stuck to her a bit, which I just don’t see, which is what people attribute as part of the reason for Chris’ ouster.

So, how do you see it? Next week on American Idol is Katharine and Taylor’s last chance to convince you they should be the one. Who do you think will win the Season Five American Idol title?

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