FOX Makes Known Their Fall 2006 TV Schedule

Today was the day that both FOX and The CW let us know what they think we want to watch. We shall see. FOX has been very hit or miss. Actually they produce what should be a hit, then move it, postpone it and then cancel it leaving us to miss it. ABC, CBS and NBC all announced their Fall 2006 schedules earlier in the week.

As usual the FOX fall schedule looks to just keep your TV warm until they really heat things up in January with Season 6 of American Idol and Jack Bauer having another really bad day on 24.

So, what does the FOX Fall 2006 TV lineup look like?

Football Overrun or Comedy Encores – Comedy Repeats come January
Football Overrun or Comedy Encores – King of the Hill come January.
The Simpsons
American Dad – New timeslot.
Family Guy
The War at Home – New timeslot.

Prison Break – In January Standoff takes this timeslot.
Vanished – New drama about a Senator’s wife who goes missing where the story is told from three points of view: reporters, FBI and the family. Sounds kind of Boomtown-ish in storytelling style. 24 takes over the timeslot in January.

Standoff – New drama about two FBI crisis negotiators that can handle anything except their relationship. When American Idol returns in January it will move to Monday.

Bones – Justice takes this timeslot and Bones moves to Friday when American Idol returns in January.
Justice – New drama from Jerry Bruckheimer (executive producer CSI, Without a Trace) about a dream team of lawyers and the high profile cases they take on. Moves up an hour for the American Idol results show and the return of comedy The Loop.

’Til Death – New half hour comedy Starring Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) as a long time married man living next door to newlyweds.
Happy Hour – New half hour comedy about a man that loses everything in the span of one day and has to rebuild from scratch.
The O.C.

Nanny 911 – Bones takes this timeslot in January.
Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy – New dramedy The Wedding Album takes this timeslot in January. It is about a wedding photographer who isn’t likely to be walking down the aisle anytime soon himself until he hires a sassy Brit a his new assistant.

America’s Most Wanted: America Strikes Back
Talk Show with Spike Feresten – New half hour comedy with elements of both a late night talk show and a sketch comedy show.

A couple of shows that are gone are The Bernie Mac Show and Stacked both of which are preferable to the returning The Loop.

Two reality shows will also be shown at some point. During the fall Duets from Simon Cowell will be on Thursday and Friday nights. It pairs professional singers with celebrities; think of it as Singing with the Stars. The other is the Mark Burnett (creator Survivor, The Apprentice) and Steven Speilberg show On the Lot, which will show up sometime in the spring. Wannabe filmmakers will compete for a DreamWorks studio development deal; think of it as The Apprentice meets Project Greenlight with a little American Idol home audience voting to select the winner.

Waiting in the wings for mid season is the The Winner. It is a half hour comedy that looks to be told in a similar style as How I Met Your Mother as a man looks back to 1994 and when his life started to change for the better as he is now the richest man in Buffalo.

One of the two new shows that looks interesting to TVaholic as of now is Vanished because its storytelling style. The other is Standoff because it stars Ron Livingston (Office Space) as one of the two negotiators and Gina Torres (Alias, Firefly) as their boss, plus the story sounds really good.

What shows look good to you? What shows do you wish were still around?

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