Tonight on the Tube: Kyle XY, The Closer, Saved & Wimbledon

The Wimbledon Collection - The 2005 Official FilmTonight is the night to have cable as all the good stuff tonight is there. Especially The Closer on TNT as this is one of the best shows anywhere on TV right now. In sports the Wimbledon tennis tournament starts today and you can find coverage on ESPN2. Will Roger Federer walk away with a fourth straight trophy on the grass?

Prime Picks

The King of Queens (CBS): Repeat. Doug ends up babysitting and becomes quite good at it even though he is just trying to bother Carrie.
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): Repeat. In this episode Ted thinks that maybe his dream woman is someone he has already dated. The funniest bit of this episode is Barney getting Robin to say weird things on the air.

Two and a Half Men (CBS): Repeat. Alan falls off the roof while trying to adjust the dish so Charlie watches Jake for the weekend.
The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS): Repeat. Richard gets a bit jealous when he finds out that Christine is on her fifth date with a new guy.

CSI: Miami (CBS): Repeat. A couple recently released from jail who have been plastered all over the new media are in danger and the team has to figure out who is trying to kill them.

Solid Selections

Treasure Hunters (NBC): Repeat. The first episode replays.

Treasure Hunters (NBC): New. The remaining teams must decipher a clue based on Lewis & Clark to get their hands on the second artifact.

How to Get the Guy (ABC): New. The four women get to ask a group of men anything they want and the truth must be told to them.

Cable Choices

Kyle XY (ABC Family): Series Premiere. This John Doe looking show is about a teenage boy who wakes up naked in the forest and then found wandering. He ends up being taken in by a psychologist and her family. Who is Kyle XY?

The Closer (TNT): New. Deputy Chief Johnson and the Priority Homicide team investigate the case of three young people who are killed and replays after Saved.

Saved (TNT): New. Police think Harper is a person who is impersonating a paramedic and Wyatt and Sack get called out on one wacky problem.

Other Options

  • Banshee (Oxygen): Taryn Manning as a car thief who is hunted by a serial killer. Runs two hours. Has played at least once for the last couple of nights.
  • Broken Trail (AMC): New. Part 2. A two part miniseries starring Robert Duval as a cowboy that began last night. Runs one hour and 45 minutes and plays twice.
  • Falcon Beach (ABC Family): New. Jason needs some help fixing his boat, Danny wants to open up the old dance hall and Ginny visits with an old love interest.
  • Friends (TBS): Repeats. Both parts of the two part “The One in Barbados” episode play tonight. The last episode of season nine and the first of season 10. These are two of my favorite episodes from the last few seasons.
  • The Secret Life Of … (Food Network): New. Treats like shaved ice and frozen yogurt are looked at.

Sports Notes

  • ESPN has the deciding game of the NCAA World Series Championship between the Oregon State Beavers and the North Carolina Tar Heels as OSU tied the series up and one game a piece with a 11 to 7 victory yesterday. You will also find two World Cup Soccer games earlier in the day.
  • ESPN2 has Monday Night Baseball with the New York Yankees playing the Atlanta Braves followed by Day One of the ING Par-3 Shootout. Earlier in the day you will find opening day Wimbledon tennis coverage.

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