Ultimate Guide to the Fall 2006 TV Schedule

Can you believe that the Fall 2006 TV Season starts tomorrow with the return of Prison Break and the premiere of the new show Vanished on FOX? What else is in store this TV season? Well I have tried to compile a list of sites from around the web to help you find out just that. If you want to read about a new show you have heard about, see some video previews or just find out when your favorite show starts this fall. You should be able to find that information below.

Update 8-20-2007: Check out the Ultimate Guide to the Fall 2007 TV Schedule.

What Do the Networks Fall 2006 Schedules Look Like?

  • ABC – Find the complete ABC primetime schedule, video previews of new shows and links to individual show pages. Other ABC fall schedule info:
    • tv filter ABC Preview – See what new shows they say you should filter out of your TV viewing schedule from ABC.
    • TV Squad ABC Preview – Check out what the Squad has to say after watching the pilot episodes of ABC’s new fall shows.
    • Yahoo TV ABC Preview– ABC primetime grid, links to individual new show pages and video clips.
  • CBS – Find the complete CBS primetime schedule with links to individual show pages that include video clips of new shows and downloadable PDF files for printable show info. Other CBS fall schedule info:
    • tv filter CBS Preview – Get the good, the OK and the ugly of the new shows on CBS this fall.
    • TV Squad CBS Preview– See what the Squad thinks about the new fall TV show offerings from CBS after watch the pilot screeners.
    • Yahoo TV CBS Preview – CBS primetime grid, links to individual show write-ups and video clips.
  • The CW – UPN and The WB have combined to become The CW. Check out their very green site. There you will find show information including video teasers for the complete primetime lineup. Also find out what station will have The CW in your area. Other The CW fall schedule info:
  • FOX – Complete write ups for each new and returning show. Show information is also downloadable in a printable PDF file. Other FOX fall schedule info:
  • NBC – Complete fall lineup with links to the shows information pages, which include links to official websites and teaser video content. Other NBC fall schedule info:
    • Sunday Night Football – With the move of Monday Night Football to ESPN the Sunday night game has moved to primetime Sunday this fall on NBC. Al Michaels and John Madden will be in the booth calling all the action. Get schedules and other big game information.
    • tv filter NBC Preview – Who would of thought that NBC would have more good than ugly in its fall lineup.
    • TV Squad NBC Preview – Find out the Squad’s take on NBC’s new shows for fall.
    • Yahoo TV NBC Preview – NBC primetime grid and new show information with video clips.
    • YouTube – Watch individual show previews at the streaming video site. Also watch the seven-part NBC Fall Preview Show starring the gang from The Office. If you like The Office you should watch them just for the intros, as they are pretty funny. Watch the 1st segment (2:49), 2nd segment (2:44), 3rd segment (2:58), 4th segment (3:40), 5th segment (4:08), 6th segment (3:27) and the 7th segment (3:00).

When Does My Favorite Show Start in Fall 2006?

  • By Date – Check out this list at TV Squad or this list at Yahoo TV where you can see the premiere dates for each show this fall season starting with Prison Break on Aug. 21st and concluding with Day Break on Nov. 15th.
  • By Day then Date – TV.com has all the premiere dates listed by day. If you know what day your favorite show is on click to that day and scroll through the dates until you find it.
  • By Day then Network then Date – TV Picks has a very nice primetime grid for each night of the week that lists the premiere date for each show. Also find a list of midseason replacement shows and cancelled shows at the bottom of the page.

Fall 2006 TV Talk Around the Blogosphere

  • the couch potato – See what 11 new shows the couch potato can’t wait to see.
  • Drink This – Recommendations for shows you should tune in for each night.
  • the TV addict – Check out all the TV this addict will be watching this fall TV season.
  • TVaholic – Well you can check out the seven new shows and seven returning shows I can’t wait for.

What TV shows are looking forward to on the Fall 2006 TV Schedule?

Updated: Aug. 23rd 2006 added resources like Sunday Night Football.
Aug. 28th 2006 added links to tv filter previews.

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