Ultimate Guide to the Fall 2007 TV Schedule

It is that time of year again, the long summer days are starting to fade, the nights are becoming ever so cooler, kids are preparing themselves to go back to school, and the new Fall 2007 TV Season is only about a month away.

The Fall TV season really gets going on September 17th, with the premieres of Prison Break and K-Ville on FOX and after that, there is something new premiering just about every night into October. So, once again the TVaholic has tried to compile a list of sites from around the web to help you find out what the new shows are, when they start and when your returning favorites begin.

So, if you are looking for information about new shows you have been hearing about, want to see some video previews, or just want to find when your favorite shows start this fall, you should be able to find it below. Links will be continually added as new resources are found.

What Do the Network’s Fall 2007 Schedules Look Like?

  • ABC – A listing of the new shows coming to the ABC primetime schedule. Find links to show descriptions and video previews.
  • CBS – Find links to both new and returning CBS shows with links to a synopsis, cast list and video previews for each.
  • The CW – Links to all their new and returning shows, complete with video clips and show info for each.
  • FOX – Nightly grid with links to each show’s page where you can find complete show info and video clips.
  • NBC – See the full schedule, just new or just returning shows with links to each show’s page and video previews.
    • Free NBC Fall Premiere Downloads – As of September 11th, you can download the series premiere episodes of Bionic Woman, Chuck, Journeyman and Life at Amazon Unbox for free until September 23rd.
    • NBC’s Fall 2007 Primetime Preview – Watch the NBC Primetime Preview with host Greg Grunberg of Heroes. See interviews and promos for the upcoming season on NBC. Also, check out this promo for the new season of The Office.
    • NBC New Fall Preview DVD – As of September 4th, you’ll be able to rent a DVD that has the “Pilot” episodes of Chuck, Journeyman and Life and a two-minute preview of Bionic Woman, at participating Blockbuster stores or via Blockbuster Online until October 21st.
    • Sunday Night Football – Al Michaels and John Madden will be back in the booth calling all the action again this season. Find out what teams are playing on what night, along with a video preview.
    • Video On Demand NBC Fall Preview – As of September 10th, you’ll find the “Pilot” episodes of Bionic Woman, Chuck, Journeyman and Life available via the On Demand sections of Charter, Comcast, Cox and Time Warner cable operators and the DirectTV and DISH Network satellite services until September 23rd.

When Does My Favorite Show Start in Fall 2007?

  • By DateTV Squad has a nice list of show premieres by date with each show that starts on that date listed underneath. Or, check out another list of premiere dates at Ducky Does TV.
  • By Day then Time then Date – Find each show listed with its premiere date under the day and time it will play on that night at TV.com.
  • By Day then Network then DateTV Picks has a very nice primetime grid for each night of the week that lists the premiere date for each show. Also find a list of midseason replacement shows and cancelled shows at the bottom of the page.
  • Printable Fall 2007 TV Schedule (PDF) – Get a look at the upcoming Fall 2007 TV Schedule all on one page, in an easy to read daily grid format, for each day’s three-hour primetime block, complete with premiere dates. How can you get one, you ask? Well, it’s easy. Become a TVaholic subscriber. Once your email subscription has been verified, the next morning you will receive your first email and at the bottom you will find a link marked Free Subscriber Download.

Fall 2007 TV Talk Around the Blogosphere

  • Over at tv filter, they have been posting Report Cards for some of the new fall TV shows. They consist of a short take on the series and a letter grade for the show’s Acting, Originality, Pace and Writing and then an Overall grade is given. So far, they have done Aliens in America, The Big Bang Theory, Cane, Chuck, Dirty Sexy Money, Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies and Reaper.
  • The TV addict takes a stab at grading the buzz that each network has gone about trying to create for their upcoming slates of new fall shows.
  • This TV Whore’s viewing schedule for the fall includes 31 hours of potential viewing, which doesn’t include some cable shows she will be also watching. That is quite the lineup to kick off the new season.

What TV shows are looking forward to on the Fall 2007 TV Schedule?

Last Updated 9.23.2007

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  • Toby OB Aug 20, 2007, 9:35 pm

    The only show that comes to mind is “Pushing Daisies”. I’ve been reading so much about and I’m so digging Bryan Fuller’s “Dead Like Me” this summer (finally catching up with it), that I’ve mostly tuned out reports about any of the other shows. But “Reaper” and “Aliens In America” are also creeping into my awareness.

    Otherwise, I’m having such a great time with the summer programming (Burn Notice, My Boys, Damages, Psych, The 4400, Eureka and on and on), I’m not too concerned with what the fall promises….

  • Jason the TVaholic Aug 21, 2007, 6:18 am

    Toby, Pushing Daisies is one of the shows I am looking forward to as well.

    Yes, Dead Like Me was a great show. Did you know that they just got finished filming a straight-to-DVD Dead Like Me movie with most of the original cast reprising their roles? There was no Mandy Patinkin and the Daisy character was recast. It is supposed to be released sometime next year.

    You’re right about this being a great summer for TV. As for the “on and on,” I would add The Closer, Kyle XY, Saving Grace, Mad Men, Traveler and Monk to the ones you mentioned.

  • Ducky Aug 21, 2007, 4:44 pm

    PUSHING DAISIES is hands down the best new show of the fall season. Chuck is also incredibly wonderful!

    Thanks for the link.

  • Jason the TVaholic Aug 21, 2007, 7:49 pm

    Ducky, it seems most people that have seen Pushing Daisies absolutely love it. As for Chuck, the promo for it has my new favorite quote: “Working on my five year plan, just need to choose a font.” It looks like a lot of fun as well.

  • theTVaddict Aug 23, 2007, 2:02 pm

    Thanks for the link!

    For my favorite fall shows, check my site :) Kidding…

    Can’t wait for PUSHING DAISIES, BIONIC WOMAN, DIRTY SEXY MONEY, CANE, ALIENS IN AMERICA, GOSSIP GIRL…. geez.. I’m a TV Addict… I’m excited for everything, with the exception of CAVEMEN.

  • Jason the TVaholic Aug 26, 2007, 6:59 pm

    TVaddict, much like you, I’m pretty excited for most everything. Really looking forward to seeing Pushing Daisies, all four of NBC’s new shows (Chuck, Journeyman, Bionic Woman, Life), the return of Friday Night Lights and well, like I said, just about everything.

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