CBS Fall 2007 New Show Video Previews

CBS has five new shows set to hit the small screen this September/October 2007. They are spread out throughout the week on separate days. So, without further ado the new Fall 2007 shows on CBS are:

The Big Bang Theory

A beautiful girl, Kaley Cuoco (Charmed, 8 Simple Rules), moves in across the hall from a couple of physics geeks. She is not that bright, but neither are they when it comes to women or life outside the physics lab for that matter. Comedy ensues, well it is supposed to anyway.

It looks funny in a, if you think Two and a Half Men is funny kind of way, as it seems to have a similar tone in the way the jokes are delivered. Will probably watch at least the first few episodes, but doesn’t look like anything special at this point. Actually, it will get recorded, while I am watching Prison Break, along with Chuck and Aliens in America that play at the same time. Premieres on Monday, September 24th.


Jimmy Smits (The West Wing, NYPD Blue) headlines this drama, as the newly appointed head of the Duque family sugar and rum business, in the story of rivals who fight over love and money.

It has Smits, Hector Elizondo (Chicago Hope), Nestor Carbonell (Lost, Suddenly Susan) and Rita Moreno (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Oz), so you know the acting is going to be topnotch. If the story and writing are there as well, this could be one of the top new dramas of the fall. Will be recording it, since I will be off to work, as it comes on in the third hour of primetime. Premieres on Tuesday, September 25th.

Kid Nation

On the surface, the idea of seeing how kids would run a town without adults telling them what to do, sounds interesting. But, the TVaholic doesn’t care much for the so-called reality type shows in the first place. So, this one, controversy or not, hasn’t piqued any interest. And, since a lot of “reality” programming is mostly fake anyway, as you can edit things to look however you want, pretty much, the accusations about staging and other such nonsense on this one, only makes me less likely to give it a go when it premieres on Wednesday, September 19th.


Alex O’Loughlin plays a vampire who is also a private investigator. He fights against the undead, of the world he entered when his bride turned him on their wedding night 60 years ago, and is also now in love with a mortal woman. He tries to keep these two worlds from colliding.

The vampire detective is not a new idea, as many movies and TV shows like Angel and Forever Knight have traveled this road before. But, the TVaholic doesn’t care if the idea is new, but if they have done something new, or at least interesting, with it. The casting of Jason Dorhing (Veronica Mars) adds to the likely hood of checking this one out, although it will have to be recorded, as it will be up against Friday Night Lights the week after it premieres on Friday, September 28th.

Viva Laughlin

It is based on the BBC series Viva Blackpool and produced by Hugh Jackman (X-Men, Van Helsing), who also has a recurring role. The storyline of this drama looks interesting, but the breaking out into song at different points may be just a bit too much. Dramas like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and comedies like The Drew Carrey Show, and more recently Scrubs, have done musical episodes, but a whole series where characters breakout in song is a norm, seems a bit weird. Although, seeing how Sunday Night Football will usually be about over, here in the Seattle area, by the time it starts and nothing else but The Simpsons holds any interest for me in the first hour of primetime, I might just give it a shot. Premieres Thursday, October 18th after CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and then plays again in its normal timeslot on Sunday, October 21st.

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What do you think of the new shows debuting this fall on CBS?

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