Some of Your Fall TV Schedule for 2006 Questions Answered

Reba - Season 3This is the first installment of what I hope to be many Ask the TVaholic columns. These are questions about the fall TV schedule for 2006 that people wanted answers to when coming to TVaholic via their favorite search engine.

Your Fall TV Schedule for 2006 Questions Answered

When do new TV shows start up again for the Fall 2006?
This past Monday the 21st marked and early beginning to the Fall 2006 TV season with the return of Prison Break and the new show Vanished on FOX. You can visit the Yahoo TV Fall Premiere dates page for when other shows will begin airing. Also for all your network fall TV info check out the Ultimate Guide to the 2006 Fall TV Schedule.

When does Reba on The WB premiere this fall?
Well first there is no longer a WB as they have combined with UPN to become The CW. Secondly Reba won’t be on the fall schedule but has not been cancelled. It should show up sometime midseason.

Will Related be back for Fall 2006?
No, unfortunately this fun show will not be back. If you also liked the show you may be interested to know that this fall you will find Kiele Sanchez (Anne) on ABC in the new season of Lost, Lizzy Caplan (Marjee) on the new CBS comedy The Class and Dana Delany (the mother in the flashbacks) on the new NBC drama Kidnapped.

Will the Bedford Diaries return to TV fall schedule 2006?
No this show will not be back either and really isn’t much of a loss in my opinion. You will be able to see Milo Ventimiglia in the new show Heroes on NBC.

What shows are cancelled for the Fall 2006 lineup?
Well a lot of shows will not be returning to the fall TV schedule for 2006. Related and The Bedford Diaries are but just two of them. For a list of shows that won’t be returning to the networks this fall check out Laurel’s TV Picks. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find a pretty complete list of shows that won’t be back this season.

What network is the show 3 lbs. going to be on?
3 lbs. is a new CBS drama that should appear on the TV schedule in midseason. It is another show in the medical genre, this time about top New York neurosurgeons and will star Stanley Tucci. For a preview of this show check out the futon critic’s take.

When is the Aquaman season premiere?
In the merger of UPN and The WB this show didn’t make the cut. So to answer the question, it won’t be premiering at all. If you would like to see the pilot, you can get it at iTunes.

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