Top 12 Women on American Idol Season 6 Perform

They didn’t just perform; they showed up and completely outshined the guys from the night before. There was one performance that stood out above the rest, but overall I think Randy is right and not more than four of the guys would make the Top 12 if the rules didn’t mandate six from each group.

The night started off much better tonight than last night. Then that first performance was sent to the middle of the pack as the night went on. The guys better bring a little more to the stage next week, as of right now the next Idol looks to be of the female persuasion.

There were a couple of the ladies that I liked after going into the voting part of the competition after actually watching the audition and Hollywood episodes. They were Gina Glocksen and Lakisha Jones, also Amy Krebs, but mainly because she is from up here in Seattle, which she may be returning to real soon. So, overall how did the performances from the ladies side of things on American Idol Season 6 rank?

How the Top 12 Women’s Performances Ranked:

  1. LaKisha Jones – She was the last one to sing and she came out and took command of the stage and let everyone know she came to win. Her persona on stage is a 180 from her offstage one. She seems quiet and reserved but then she steps out on stage and blows you away. Randy thought that “Jennifer Hudson better watch out” and Paula thought she was “where you belong” while Simon she was in a “different league” than the rest, including the guys.
  2. Melinda Doolittle – Randy thought she “blew it out” and Paula called her a “frontrunner” while I thought she had the best performance of the Top 24 until LaKisha took the stage a few minutes later.
  3. Sabrina Sloan – She was the fourth to sing last night and the first to make you sit up and take notice. At that time Randy said she was the “one to beat” and Paula thought she was “awesome” while Simon said she was the “best so far, including last night.”
  4. Gina Glocksen – When you tackle a Celine Dion song you better bring it and Gina came might damn close to pulling it off perfectly. She has a big voice. Randy thought it was “kinda nice” and Paula thought she chose the “right song” while Simon thought she “didn’t quite get there.”
  5. Jordin Sparks – The youngest in the competition show she was to be reckoned with. Paula thought said she is a “natural talent” while Randy thought she should “pick a better song.” Simon told her to “push yourself.”
  6. Haley Scarnato – Reminds me a bit of last season’s runner-up, Katharine McPhee. Randy thought it was “just ok” while Paula said “nice job.” Simon told her she sounded “old” and should try to “sound younger.”
  7. Stephanie Edwards – Kicked the night off with a pretty good performance. Randy said she really “set it off” and Paula thought she is a “star” while Simon thought it was a “million times better than any performance last night.” It was and it would go on to be surpassed multiple times by the end of the night.
  8. Nicole Tranquillo – Randy thought it was “rough” and “didn’t work” while Paula thought she was “out of this world” and that she “can sing.” Simon called the performance “indulgent” and “aggressive.”
  9. Leslie Hunt – Personality wise the girl seems to be a bit of a spaz and it showed on stage. Randy thought it was “just ok” while Paula called it a “great job.” Simon disagreed and thought it “wasn’t great.”
  10. Amy Krebs – Could possibly be winging her way back to Seattle by tomorrow night. Randy thought it was a “middle of the road” performance and Paula agreed with him. Simon thought she had the “personality of a candle.”
  11. Alaina Alexander – Randy thought her performance was “pitchy” and “wasn’t great” while Simon thought she “lost it halfway though.”
  12. Antonella Barba – This was the worst performance of the night by a lot. Randy thought it was “really pitchy” and Paula told her it “wasn’t bad.” Simon told her the song was “way, way, way to big for you”.

That puts Alaina Alexander and Antonella Barba in my bottom two but Amy Krebs could easily be in there, as well. Of the Top 12 Women on Season 6 of American Idol, who do you think deserves to stay and who deserves to go? Who do you think had the best performance? The worst? Leave your predictions in the comments.

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