How Did the Eight Remaining Men Do on American Idol Season 6?

Well, last night on American Idol the eight guys vying for a spot in the Top 12 were asked to let us in on something about them we didn’t know. When the performances were over, we knew one thing for sure, the guys for the most part, SUCK! Except for two or three performances, it was excruciating to watch and more importantly, to listen to.

American Idol Season 6 – Top 8 Men Performance Rankings:

  1. Chris Sligh – Had the performance of the night, but still would have barely got him in the top half of last week’s girls’ performances. Randy gave him the “vocal prize of the night” and Paula thought it was a “middle of the road” performance. Simon thought he could do better. Thought we would want to know that he had short hair and that his curly locks are all natural, no perms.
  2. Chris Richardson – Randy thinks he is one of the few that is “in it to win it” and Paula thought he picked a “great song.” Simon didn’t understand a word he sang but thought “it was good.” Thought we would want to know that he was quite a bit bigger and played football, but started eating better and looks like he does now.
  3. Blake Lewis – He started off a bit slow and then his vocal picked up. He is fun to listen to. Randy thought that his performance “was hot” while Paula said it was “really cool” and Simon thinks it is a “100%” he will be “back next week.” Thought we would want to know that he likes comedy and showed off one of his characters.
  4. Brandon Rogers – Had an upbeat performance. Not sure why more don’t do that. Randy thought it was a “solid” performance and a “good choice” of song. Simon thought the song didn’t have “enough of a hook” to be remembered. Thought we would want to know that he could play classical piano.
  5. Jared Cotter – Randy thought he had a “solid performance” and Paula thought he needed to throw in more highs and lows when singing. Simon didn’t see any “wow factor.” Thought we would want to know that he played Div. II college basketball.
  6. Sundance Head – Randy thought it was “pitchy” and Simon thought is sounded “very generic” like a “bar singer.” Paula thought that about halfway through the song he sounded good. Thought we would want to know that he is really skinny and he just wears a fat suit on TV.
  7. Phil Stacey – I have to go with Simon on this one, when he started off it was just weird. Randy thought he needed to “work on” his “lower register” while Paula agreed. Of the judges thought it was an odd song choice. Thought we would want to know that he had long hair once, but liked the way it looked after he shaved it off one time. The dude definitely needs to stick with the hat.
  8. Sanjaya Malakar – When he started off, I thought he sounded pretty good and then a couple of lines in the song later and it was all gone. Randy thought it was a “little better than last week.” Paula thinks he needs to raise his game. I think he needs to be ejected from the game. Simon thought it “wasn’t a very good vocal.” Thought we would want to know that he lived in Hawaii for a while and learned to Hula dance.

Based on last nights performances Phil Stacey and Sanjaya Malakar should be going home. Based on the three weeks as a whole, Sanjaya and Jared Cotter should be the ones not to make the Top 12.

In the following order, my Top 6 Guys to go to the Top 12 would be:

  1. Chris Sligh
  2. Blake Lewis
  3. Chris Richardson
  4. Brandon Rogers
  5. Sundance Head
  6. Phil Stacey

Unfortunately, I think that Sanjaya might make it through for another week of annoyance. Who do you think should make the Top 12 on American Idol Season 6 from the guys’ side of things?

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  • ashley Mar 12, 2007, 3:44 pm

    SHUT UP!!! leave sanjaya alone! hes better than chris sligh will ever be… and hes HOTT

    my top 5 guys:
    1) sanjaya malakar
    2)blake lewis
    3)chris richardson
    4)phil stacey
    5)jared cotter
    chris sligh SUCKS and so does brandon

  • Jason the TVaholic Mar 12, 2007, 6:51 pm

    Well Ashley, someone is a bit touchy. It is just my opinion that Sanjaya hasn’t performed as well as the others in this competition. You say that he’s “HOTT.” I suggest you close your eyes the next time he sings since you can’t listen with your eyes. If you do, you might just hear where I am coming from. But, if you think he’s the best, then vote away.

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