How Did the Top 11 Do on American Idol Season 6?

It was 1960s British Invasion night on American Idol and most did pretty well, at least well for them. The helpers were Peter Noone for the guys and Lulu for the girls. In general, they seemed to be really helpful in getting the singers ready to sing the music of this era. They didn’t all sound quite as good on stage as they did in the more relaxed atmosphere next to the piano.

Last week, the women completely outshined the guys. This week, that wasn’t so much the case, as in my estimation, three guys rank in the top six of all the performances last night. Only one did last week and that was at position number six.

The judges, for the most part, seemed to like the performances. They weren’t nearly as harsh on the whole as they were last week. Even the worst singing performance of the night was upbeat and energetic. Who do you think did good last night? Who should be heading home? Here is how the TVaholic sees it.

American Idol Season 6 – Top 11 Performance Rankings:

  1. Melinda Doolittle – She went last and closed the show with another outstanding performance. As Simon pointed out, took a boring song and made it sound “sensational” because of the “impeccable vocal.” Randy thought that they had saved the “best vocal for last.” Paula thought she sounded “beautiful.”
  2. Jordin Sparks – She is the 17 year old that actually deserves to still be in the competition. The other one, not so much. She sang “I (Who Have Nothing)” and did so very well. Randy thought it might be the best vocal we would hear all night and he was almost right. Paula thought she is a “wonderful performer.” Simon thought she “sang it beautifully.” It was quite fantastic and it is hard to believe she is so young.
  3. Blake Lewis – He took last week’s criticism from the judges and used it. This week he updated the song and made it sound contemporary, but did so in a way that kept the song’s original melody intact. Randy thought is was “really cool” and that he “made it really current.” Paula said, “I felt like I was at a concert.” Simon thought it was a “million times better than last week” and that it “sounded contemporary” and might have been his “strongest performance so far.” He sang “Time of the Season” by The Zombies.
  4. LaKisha Jones – Sang “Diamonds are Forever” from the soundtrack of the James Bond 007 movie of the same name. Randy “didn’t feel enough LaKisha in it,” while Paula thought she “picked the right song.” Simon thought the performance sounded “too old.” I can see where he is coming from regarding this opinion, but she still sounded really good.
  5. Chris Sligh – Another guy breaks into the top of the this list. He sang “She’s Not There.” He started out in the middle of the crowd and worked his way up on to the stage behind the judges, where he had a microphone stand waiting. While moving around up there he almost whacked Simon with the stand. The vocal was one of his strongest so far for me. Randy thought he “started a little rough,” but “ended really strong.” Paula thought the “vocals were really good.” Simon thought it “wasn’t the best vocal,” but that “it was fun.”
  6. Chris Richardson – It turns out he really does have a singing voice and can actually sing. He sang “Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying” by Gerry & the Pacemakers. Randy thought it was a “great performance” and was his “best vocals yet.” Paula thought it was a very “sexy” and “charming” performance. Simon told him that it was “your best performance so far.”
  7. Gina Glocksen – She sang “Paint it Black” and did a good job for the most part. For Randy is was just “all right,” but Paula thought it was “miles better than last week.” Simon thought her performance provided “moments of complete torture.” Actually, those moments had come just one performance earlier from Sanjaya. Simon thought it was “style over content” for the most part. It had some of those elements, but not nearly as bad as the aforementioned Sanjaya.
  8. Phil Stacey – Had what I thought was one of his best performances. He sang “Tobacco Road.” Randy thought it was a “pretty good performance.” Paula thought it was a “real good choice of song” and that it was a “good performance,” even if “some parts were pitchy.” Simon thinks that Phil has “no grit” when he sings and that his performance “wasn’t believable.”
  9. Haley Scarnato – She sang “Tell Him” and Randy thought it was the “perfect song” for her. He even thought it was her “best performance so far.” It was, but it was also a little something else. Simon called her a “naughty little thing” and thought that her performance was “young” and “fun.” I would say that she has decided that she is going to use what she has. That being, if the singing isn’t working for you, then shake what ya got and see how far that will take you.
  10. Stephanie Edwards – She gets lost with all the other big voices in the competition. She sang “ You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me.” Randy thought it was a “great song choice,” however her vocal was “a little pitchy.” Paula thought there were some “notes that fell off” and Simon thought she had lost her “edge” and the performance was a bit “cabaret.”
  11. Sanjaya Malakar – Oh Sanjaya, I sure hope we can say Good-bya. He sang “You Really Got Me” and all I could think about, while pondering the mute button on the remote control, was you really got to go. This was by far the worst vocal of the night and quite possibly his worst so far. That may be hard to believe considering what we have heard so far, but it is true. At least in the past he sounded like he was singing and not screaming. It was like he was fulfilling a dare. Randy said it was his “best performance to date.” He was definitely not talking about the vocals when he said that. Paula said he looked like he was having “a lot of fun.” Simon pretty much was speechless. He said the little weeping girl’s face they had been showing all night said it all. I am afraid that could be true. This performance definitely was style over content.

If it were up to me, Sanjaya would not make the Top 10 and the tour that follows. That would just be wrong. At any rate, I think any of the bottom four could go this week. I will say that the bottom three will be Phil Stacey, Stephanie Edwards and Sanjaya Malakar.

Who do you think should go home after the Top 11 performed songs from the British Pop Invasion of the 1960s on American Idol Season 6?

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