Down to the Top 10 on American Idol Season 6

Well, he’s still in there. Yes, Sanjaya Malakar will be back for at least one more week. He wasn’t even in the bottom two. Those spaces were occupied by Stephanie Edwards and a very shocked Chris Richardson during this American Idol Season 6 results show. It sucks to give what the judges said was your best performance so far and end up at the bottom of the voting pile.

They didn’t have a bottom three this week, but I had called Stephanie to be at the bottom of the voting. I just thought that Sanjaya and Phil Stacey would be there with her. Now the question is: who is most likely to pick up her votes? My guess is that the majority of the 19-year-old’s supporters, if they keep on voting, will spill over to 17-year-old Jordin Sparks. What do you think? Who will most benefit voting wise with this departure? As of now, who do you think has the best chance of winning?

American Idol Season 6 – Top 10 Rankings:

  1. Melinda Doolittle – Had another great week. She is the most consistent performer from week to week. She is the front runner, but as we have seen in the past, they don’t always end up winning.
  2. Jordin Sparks – Has the youth factor on her side, along with a great voice and improvement from week to week.
  3. LaKisha Jones – She really needs to take control of the stage with a performance like she had in the first week of the Top 24 competitions. She always sounds great, but hasn’t quite lived up to that first performance.
  4. Blake Lewis – Needs to pick up his vocal performances a little bit, but has the showmanship factor. He is entertaining to watch and listen to. That will be enough to keep him in this until near the end, but stronger vocal performances could jump him up the list.
  5. Chris Sligh – Just has a the likeability factor. He seems like someone you would want to hangout with, not to mention he can sing pretty well also.
  6. Gina Glocksen – Is the only rocker in the competition and that will keep her around, but if she wants to go far, she really needs to hit one out of the park vocally.
  7. Chris Richardson – I thought he had more support than this. I thought this week he finally showed he could sing. In previous weeks his voice just annoyed me and I couldn’t figure out what it was that people liked about him. Maybe it was just a fluke.
  8. Haley Scarnato – The strategy of showing off a lot of leg and shaking a couple of other things will keep her around for a couple more weeks, unless she forgets the words again or has a really, really bad vocal performance. The dancing, jiggling and a pretty face will only keep you in the competition for so long.
  9. Phil Stacey – Had one of his best performances so far, but I don’t think he will hold up much longer. Unfortunately, he may even exit the show before Sanjaya does.
  10. Sanjaya Malakar – What can you say? He shouldn’t of even made the Top 12, let alone still be around for the Top 10. Could stick around, but ultimately he will not win. His time will come, at some point, in the next three weeks.

How would you rank the each of Top 10 and their chance of winning the whole thing on American Idol Season 6?

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